Saturday, September 23, 2006

And The Beat Goes On

Or so it seems, and feels like. There isn't any real news, just mostly sort of "un-news".

There was no word back from the foot doc's office by about 2 yesterday. Humm, did I blog or only email? It all has to do with the MRI and the forgetting of the contrast. I called Thursday morning to let the doc know, and they were checking it all out. I had a call Friday morning, confirming Anne's doc appt on Monday, but the time was wrong. And we had never heard anything back from them about the MRI. So, I commented that it wasn't the appt time they had given us at the office, and asked about the MRI situation. Long and short, the doc wasn't happy with the MRI films and they were working on it. They would call back before the end of the day.

So, by 2, no call back, and we had some errands to run. I called to check and to give them Anne's cell phone number. The phone rang before we got out the door, just keep the appt set for Monday morning, the doc decided these films were okay. I am guessing that the MRI place was totally unable to get her back in and do more films before Monday, and since we will be going out of town...... I could be totally wrong on that. The doc and the MRI film reading doc maybe have been able to come to a consensus on it all and all is truly visible, etc. I guess we will know more after her appt on Monday. I will keep you posted!

We did make a stop at Kohls and found a couple of pairs of comfy pants for Anne to wear, that will be more comfortable for her while wearing the big black boot. I will get those washed up for her this weekend.

Not much else going on. I will run to the commmissary after I finish this, and I won't have to worry about it on Monday. That will be a busy day too, with the appt for Anne and the kitties have a vet appt too. But at least it will all be out of the way, and we can leave for Jacksonville with nothing hanging over our heads.

Take care and more later, you all!


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