Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Humm, should be a joke with a sandwich involved, right?

We got a later than expected start yesterday. We got the kitties to the vets just fine. Anne was in prime kitty whisperer mode. She did an amazing job of scooping up the kitties without any need to chase them all over the house. It didn't hurt that they were snoozing, but she managed to get them scooped up and I was there with the kitty carriers. It helped too that Mickey had been sleeping on Anne's bed, and Meggie was out in the living room snoozing. They managed not to scare each other. A huge help.

Anyway, we got home and decided to wait a bit after loading the car---let the traffic slow down a little. It was after 6 before we left. The traffic was not bad at all. The only thing I would have changed would be the timing, and only because we got here after dark and the motel location was not quite as straight forward as the map showed. Still, I found it without any trouble, and that is the big thing, right?

The room is really nice, with great beds and 4 pillows on each bed, 2 soft and 2 firm, so you can have your pick. Really is great.

We over-slept this morning, didn't notice till 6.21---I had planned for us to get up at 6. We set a record getting ready and out of the motel, and arrived at the Mayo with time to spare. Anne got registered, and we were on the 7th floor for her appt with plenty of time to spare too. She was in the back for ages, then was back out to wait. They gave her a print out with blood work to be done, and her appts. She had blood work done twice today. They took a ton from her this morning. The one gal really did a number on her arm--I still don't get people who insist on trying when they can't get it easily the first time or two. Someone else ended up getting it, but she has a good bruise and lump as a result of the first gal's efforts. She had to go back later this afternoon for the other set, ended up being just one more tube. This gal was great, did it easy as pie. Was horrified when she saw Anne's arm, wondered what it was from and then where it was done. She was not at all happy to hear that it was someone there who did it. As Anne was leaving, the gal was checking to see who had done it. Hurrah!

Anne has appts with an endocrinologist, an infectious diseases guy and the doc she saw today. She has appts through Thursday. We might be clear to go home after her last appt on Thursday. We will see how it goes, and meanwhile are mildly optimistic that we will manage that.

Except for the mean vampire, all is going well. The Mayo is huge, well organized, and has been a good experience, I guess. The area is wild---the road from the motel to the Mayo, that I thought was a regular surface road, is a 2-3 lanes each direction (it varies) state route. Not what I was expecting. But, it works out fine. I am learning my way around and we have had things all work out well since we have been here.

Not much else. We won't know anything till the last appt on Thursday, with the same doc she saw today. That appt isn't till 4 p.m. If we end up heading home after that, I will email/blog from home. I might not blog again till we do get home--unless we end up staying till Friday---since we won't know anything new.

Take care all!


At 8:37 AM, Blogger Joanna said...

Darn those vampires, Anne you should have brought some Dracula Teeth with you and bit her back.

Hope the days appointments go well. I'm thinking about you!


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