Monday, September 25, 2006

Good, Bad, Indifferent?

That is the dilemma? Anne saw the foot doc this morning. The MRI doesn't show any break, but there seems to be a good bit of inflammation. Hard to say if the contrast would have made a difference or not. I guess the good news is that it will heal eventually, and that there isn't anything bad going on under the arch of her foot. He gave her a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, and suggested a good round of pt. He is sending her to Beachside, which is where I went for my foot, and where Anne went after her brain surgery. She will get to torture them some more, she says! She is to have a month of that, and then see the doc again.

We got home----after some errands, etc, and had a message from the growth hormone gal. That is all set, she has the prescription now, etc. She could have had it here for us on Wednesday, but since we likely will not be home yet, and it is best for it NOT to sit outside in the heat all day, we put it on hold. I will call once we know what Anne's schedule will be at the Mayo, and we know when we should be home. We also had a call from the nurse who is to teach Anne how to use it, and I will call her once we know when we will be getting the growth hormone. So, all is coming together.

Just a few things to finish up and we can relax till time to round up the kitties for their vet visit. I really swear, if it were not for it being the law that they have to be vaccinated, I wouldn't ever take them, they hate going so much. Oh well.

I will keep you all posted, as much as possible, while we are gone. Take care and more later....


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Joanna said...

Good luck with Kitty catching ..... it seems they always know when the jig is up don't they?

Glad the doctor thinks a round of PT will help Anne, like she said, at least she knows them. I'd be very interested in seeing what they do for her. Sorry they only have that as an answer, though the anti-imflamitories do seem to help. I'd love some! HE HE.


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