Friday, October 13, 2006

Foggy Morning

Oops, I see I have been slack again. I hate letting so much time go between posts. Oh well..... It is foggy this morning. It is cool, too, in the low 70's. I guess it will burn off soon though---they are saying 87 for the high today. The weather continues nice. We have had a couple of cold fronts go through, which have cooled us down to the low 80's for highs. At least it isn't that big a difference from our normal highs!

Let's see, last time I mentioned Anne's growth hormone arriving. The nurse came on that Thursday to "teach" it. She was nice, went over a ton of paperwork instruction that she had from the company, etc. They had also sent her some demo equipment, and she and Anne went through a dry run before Anne did the real thing. The needle is tiny, so at least it isn't quite as scary/icky as it could have been. Anne did a great job with it. She isn't wild about the whole thing, but she has been very good about it all, and remembers to do her injection every night. Now, we just hope to see some difference.

Anne is continuing her physical therapy. Lisa feels pretty certain that the loss of muscle mass brought on by the low growth hormone levels is a big factor in the sprain, etc. Anne is getting some relief for her ankle from the therapy, but has been having more trouble with that knee. Lisa thinks it was injured at the same time.

It is amazing to think that we go back to the Mayo just next week. The time has sure gone by quickly.

Anne saw an allergist yesterday, and he seems to be really good. I think he will be able to do something for her. He ordered blood allergy testing, and later they will do the skin tests for allergies.

I have been doing some reading. I had heard of Laurell Hamilton's books, and hadn't really thought to read any of them, then had a chance to pick up one in paperback cheaply. I'm hooked. They are really good, the kind of books that are almost impossible to put down.

I have lapsed a bit on the nordic track again. It is harder to get to it when Anne has morning appts. That mostly just means I am going to have to make more of an effort--haha!

Mike checked the butterfly garden yesterday and said there are about 10 blooms on the passion vine. I haven't been out lately to look, I really do need to do the rounds.

I'd best go, you all take care!


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