Sunday, November 19, 2006


Yes, that is the word for it, yikes! I hadn't realized that I hadn't blogged in so long. All I can say is that there is really nothing new, and I have been busy. Not with anything fun and exciting, of course, or there would have been something to blog about.

We carry on with the usual activities. I take Anne to pt and doc appts. If she doesn't do it, I will go ahead and update the brain blog soon. Things move slowly, of course, especially with Anne and any type of healing. Nothing ever moves quickly for her.

I have plenty to get ready here at the house, as it does look like Brian, Christine, and Michelle, will be able to come for a pre-Christmas visit. Brian figured that a visit earlier in the month would be easier to get leave for, and travel would likely not be as bad. I think they are planning to leave Abilene on the 9th! I have tons of baby proofing to do, and have to figure out if the tree will go up right before they get here, or if they want to help decorate. It will be really interesting to see how the kitties react to Michelle! I don't think they have ever seen a littlie before. Fortunately, they are both good about taking off if they feel scared, and only attack if there are no options. We will be sure to keep an eye on Michelle till we see that she understands not to corner them--considering her age, that will mean any time the kitties are around, we will keep an eye on her. hahah!

The weather has been great, but we have a real cooling trend here right now. It only made it into the 70's yesterday, and today it is only to get into the 60's, and that will be the case most of the week. It is only 62 right now, at 11.30 a.m. It is bright and sunny out though, and it usually feels at least a little bit warmer than it really is. Actually, the forecast highs are for Orlando, and our highs here are to be a little bit higher, but not hugely so, of course! I'm a whimp, I know it, and I had the heat on yesterday morning---it was cold in the house! It didn't run long, but enough to take the chill off.

Well, I am totally out of news, so I will go for now and will try to do better over the coming days. However, that might not work out, since there is still plenty of baby proofing to do, among other things! Take care all, I do think about you all the time, even if I don't email and/or blog as much as I would like!


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