Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Busy Few Days

Well! First off, the launch was delayed till Saturday. Then that morning, Anne heard on the TV that they were going to scrub it and try on Sunday. Hurrah, we figured, as then Brian and Christine could see it. But, it turned out that was all wrong and they really were going to try to launch on Saturday, and they did!

Mike set up his camera on the tripod, out on the driveway, and waited for the shuttle to appear. Anne and I watched on the tv for a while, then she hobbled out since she knew she couldn't rush on the crutches. I watched the launch on the NASA station, and then boogied outside to see the shuttle going up---with the little camera! I felt at the time as if the shuttle was significantly "up" by the time I got there and in position, but from this photo, with the outlines of rooftops slightly visible, you will see it wasn't really very far up yet.

I kept taking photos until the shuttle was so small that it was silly to keep doing it, which means that I took photos much longer than it made any sense to keep doing it. It was really neat to watch, and what you don't see in my photos is how much it lit up the sky. I don't know how Mike's photos came out. I hope he posts some of them! Meanwhile, I taped the launch, so the kids can see it.

Brian and family arrived about 5.30 or so on Sunday. It was so good to see them again! Michelle wasn't at all shy with us, and came right to me. She is such a sweet little girl, and cute as can be! She has been spending good time with Anne and Mike too!

I don't think I have a photo yet of Michelle and Mike, I guess I have to correct that!

And, Michelle finally got her giant Winnie the Pooh that Anne crocheted for her ages ago. It is kind of big to mail, so we just held on to it till they came for a visit! As you can see, Michelle approves of him!

So, we are all having a great time, although we really haven't done anything yet. That will change soon, as I know that Brian and Christine really want to go to Sea World, and some other places too. Time will sure run out if we don't get started!

Take care and more later!


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