Saturday, December 02, 2006

It's Been a Whole Week Already?

I know they say time flies, but this is getting silly.

The week didn't end up as tied up with appts as expected. Anne saw Dr. Dunne, the podiatrist, on Monday. When he heard about her hip problems, she said that the hip trumped the ankle, and he really didn't think there was any hope of making any progress with the ankle till the hip is dealt with. He didn't have us make a follow up appt, but asked that we keep him posted on what we find out, and come back and see him if the ankle is still bothering her after the hip is sorted out. He felt that there was no sense in continuing the pt, either.

We saw the orthopedics guy, and he is referring her to another doc.

I called and canceled the rest of the pt appts, and we will see what happens.

Meanwhile, Anne's whole leg is giving her fits, the knee still hurts a lot (she has tendonitis in the tendon along the side of the knee) and the hip hurts and her ankle still hurts. The poor kid is a real mess.

Still, she is hanging in there and making the best of things.

We have had some rain---I dumped over an inch of rain out of the gauge the other day. I think that was Wednesday. We have had a number of cloudy days, and some light showers/sprinkles now and then that didn't do much. It has been warm again, and that has been nice! I think it was up to 83 yesterday, the warmest day in a bit. It is 80 degrees right now, at 1.30 p.m. I am not complaining a bit, especially since we are avoiding the snow that so much of the rest of the country seems to be dealing with.

All the bushes and trees seem to be doing well, and the butterfly garden is still blooming (most of it--some of the plants are taking a break!), and I am still seeing butterflies around the house. Really is cool!

I am making some small progress on the house, trying to get ready for Brians' to come. And to get ready for Christmas. I guess I will have to pick up the pace!

Well, I am out of news, so will go and more later.


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