Saturday, December 09, 2006

Oh Dear,

Is this becoming a weekly blog? It looks like it, doesn't it? I hope to do better after the holidays.

I am taking a break from dealing with the house, laundry, etc. Things are looking better, but I still haven't made nearly as much progress as I would like. Oh well.

The kids will have left Texas this morning. I wonder how far they will get today, and if they really will get there tomorrow? I know there is still a lot of construction, etc, because of Katrina, so that might slow them down a good bit. I guess we will see.

The launch was delayed till today, and Anne heard this morning that it had been scrubbed for today. It is 70 degrees and sunny, at 1.50 p.m., but it is to get cloudy tonight and there is a good chance of rain. There was only a 30% chance of good launch weather. We don't mind too much, as the longer it is delayed, the greater the chance that Brian and Christine will be here to see it! It is a night launch, so should be pretty spectacular!

I have been knitting stocking--Christmas stockings, that is. I have had trouble getting a pink that I like for Santa's face. The first I ordered has too much of a blue/lilac tint to it, and poor Santa would look rather funny? I have ordered two other pinks, and hope that at least one of them will work out. Amazingly, I don't have any other scraps of pink here at the house that would work, and almost no pink anyway. I worked on Christine's stocking till I got to the face, and have now started working on Michelle's. Once the pink yarn comes, I will go back to Christine's and get it finished first, since Michelle is still young enough not to know or care. Now if I can just get Christine's done before Christmas?

Mount Union is playing in the playoffs still, Division 3 football, that is. They are playing a school today, St. John Fisher, that has worked really hard at becoming a good team, and feel that playing Mount is a huge milestone for them. They are holding their own so far, the game has not been a pushover for Mount. The game started at noon, and at almost 2 p.m. they are already in the 4th quarter. Mount is leading by about 5 points. Not as much of a lead as we would like, but better than being behind! We are keeping our fingers crossed, etc, knocking on wood, etc. I am wearing a Mount Union shirt, as usual. Yikes! I will be glad when the game is over, and I know Mike will be too.

Well, I had best go, take care and I will try to write again before too long!


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