Saturday, May 05, 2007

Less Than a Week Later....

I'm back! Aren't you surprised!!!????

Not that there is a lot to write about. I am still baking bread for us, and I don't buy any bread any longer. Which is really kind of nice. It freezes well too, so it works out well to slice it all up, put part in ziplock bags, and slip them in the freezer.

Summer is pretty well here, I think. We have had some warm temps this past week, definitely mid to high 80's all week. The humidity level is rising a little bit too. Our county has generally been avoiding being mentioned on the "high fire risk" list, thank goodness. We haven't had much rain though, in ages, and the water level in the area lakes keeps going further and further down.

I gave Mike a hand with some work in the butterfly garden today. The passion vine is going wild. I had noticed before that the vine was working its way all over the place, inter-weaving itself among the other plants, etc. I had redirected some of the vines before, but naturally, it takes constant vigilence to keep up with these things! Mike and I redirected more vines, and Mike gave parts of the whole an assist in its journey over the arch. There are a number of flowers open on it and a ton of buds. They are so pretty and outlandish looking, those blooms!

We then headed to the back of the house, as I had noticed that part of one of the porter weed plants was dead. Mike got to work on trimming that and I put the trimmed pieces into the veggie recycling bin. There is a plant (well, a couple or more, I guess) behind this porter weed---I have wondered if it is an orchid or some kind of lily or iris. Mike took a good look at it today and thinks it is an orchid. There are three blooms on it, they are yellow. I will have to take a photo and post it. I didn't take that close a look, although I have looked at it from inside, as it can be seen from the sun room. I don't think it has the long bloom shoot that most orchids I am familiar with have, but I don't think all varieties have those? I guess we will see.

We gathered fallen grapefruit off the ground and checked the ones still on the tree, which seem like they might still be okay---I was sure they would have to be picked and tossed at this late date. The new grapefruit are getting bigger. A quick check didn't find very many, but I am not too surprised by that. They vary in size from big pea sized to malt ball sized--haha.

As we headed on, I glanced back at the gardenia, which didn't have any blooms on the front. There were some flowers on the back, so it is actually blooming again this year! It doesn't look like it will put out as many as it did last year though.

Joel and the boys had cut back some of the hibiscus, which had some kind of fungus or mold or something on them. They are growning back nicely and most of them have blooms on them--hurrah!

Well, enough for now, take care and I will keep posting more often! I'll try to get some photos on soon.


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