Friday, March 09, 2007

Hello, is Any One Out There?

I have been really slack again. Sorry about that. There has been so much going on and not much of it has been any different than what has been going on all along. Sure don't want to bore you to death--haha.

I am still baking bread, and not buying any. We are really liking this, and it has been great for Anne's stomach. She still is bothered by her stomach a lot more than she likes, but at least she can eat bread (and some other things) without problems. I really do like the Feather Bread I have been making, it turns out really nice. I will just have to start freezing more of it, as we sometimes don't get through all of it before a bit of mold hits--yuck!

Here it is, ready for the oven!

And here it is, all baked and ready to eat. Yumm!

Anne continues with pt three times a week. She is making some progress, but it is slow going. Lisa does a great job with her.

I had an appointment with pt at the base this week. I have some stiffness in my hip (xrays show nothing, which is good because the doc thought there might be a touch of arthritis), and the therapist thinks that part of the problem is my back--not a big problem or anything, just some maintenance stuff. I go back next week for exercises and stretches, and again the next week to make sure I have them all down okay. I will be able to just do it all at home on my own, no need to go in several times a week, or anything like that. That will be a real help with Anne's pt to work around.

I guess that is about it. We get to see Brian, Christine and Michelle now and then on the computer, which is great! We both have web cams, so can all see each other. It works out really well.

Take care and I will try to update sooner next time!


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