Thursday, October 25, 2007


I hadn't realized that it had been almost a month since I posted. I have found that once again, I can't get to it to post while logged into AOL, I have to go through mozilla, and I usually forget about it when I am there.

Oh well.....

Well, Melbourne broke a record a while back and the streak ended today. For 132 days in a row, the low temperature was 70 degrees or higher. The old record was 114 days. Even those days when Orlando and other spots west were in the 60's, Melbourne had continued at 70 or higher. Wow. But, today we were finally down in the 60's for our low. The cold front that other weather systems had been holding off has arrived, and we are cloudy today, with much cooler temperatures. The weather guy said our high yesterday was 89, and it is to get up to 78 today--quite a change. The lawn guys were here today and loved the cooler weather! I will say, I was out yesterday and it felt warm, but not as warm as it was. Go figure!

On the way home yesterday I experienced a first. I was driving on Wickham Road, and was getting fairly close to my turn onto Murrell. There is a pond at the right side of the road, and I have on rare occasions, seen a turtle at the pond, and once saw one at the curb. Well, yesterday, there was a BIG one (maybe football sized? or a little bigger?), crossing the road!!!!!! He was still fairly close to the curb as the car in front of me went past. I was able to get past him without going out of my lane, although I did pull to the left to give him more space. The cars behind me swerved in a controlled manner, to avoid him. I couldn't help checking the mirror now and then to see if he was going to make it. I saw a truck, pulling a trailer, headed for the turtle as he hustled his way across the two lanes and towards the median. I was amazed at how quickly the turtle was moving. I was sure the truck would end up hitting it---then I saw the truck stop right there in the road and let the turtle get past him.

Most people around here seem to be careful of the wildlife. It isn't uncommon to see people stop and let the cranes cross the street, or let a turtle cross, or whatever. Now and then you will see a crane that didn't make it---always a sad thing to see. I think they are most often hit at night, when it is harder to see, and when some young people are more inclined to be out speeding around. It is heartwarming though, to see so many people take the trouble to stop and let the critters get across the road!

Critter count---after the turtle, I saw 7 cranes in yards on Old Glory, the swan was swimming around in the lake on our road, and there were tons of ibis out too!

We are fine, keeping busy. All the kids seem to be fine, too.

Take care, I will try to post more often!


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