Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Don't freak out! Two posts in two days? Is the world coming to an end? Yikes!

No, just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! Since it is actually 1 January 2008 now.

It is cloudy out today, although there are tiny breaks in the clouds and we might see a little bit of sun eventually? Our cold front is getting closer and we are already seeing the temperature changes coming. It made it up to 80 yesterday. For anyone interested, the record high for that day was 88 degrees, set in 1966! That is pretty warm for December, wouldn't you say? It is only to get to 75 today, and only into the 50's tomorrow. The tv is saying the high in Orlando will be in the 40's and a low Wednesday night/Thursday morning, in the 20's. It sure sounds like Orlando will have its first freeze in years. They had been expecting it, but originally they hadn't been predicting quite such cold temperatures for Wednesday and Thursday. I am glad it isn't supposed to get quite so cold here.

We are seeing more cranes out and about these days. I think they take off for part of the year, as there are times when we don't really see them much. I never really seem to notice till we start seeing them again. There always seems to be plenty of ibis around. They are kind of goofy looking. It is fun to see the ibis and the cranes flying around, especially since they seem to spend most of their time walking around and grazing on worms and such.

The sun just popped out!

Well, I had best go, you all take care and have a great year!!!!!


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