Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunny Sunday

I sent a text message to Paul's phone the other evening and had a message back that they are fine and will call soon. They haven't yet, but I imagine they are still pretty busy and so I am not worried. I am sure we would hear if there was any problem.

We made a trip to the Magic Kingdom yesterday and had a good time. It was quite cloudy here in Melbourne/Viera, and we had a little bit of rain on the way to Orlando, but as we got closer to Disney, the sky cleared and the weather was great. It was quite warm though. I think Mike and I both ended up getting a bit overheated and dehydrated, but we both drank plenty of water and felt better.

Mike took his camera and a different lens than he usually takes and got some great photos. We finally worked it so we were in the right place at the right time to see the castle show. Mike found a place to sit on the ground, front row center, and had a blast taking photos.

Here is the link to see the photos. The first photo is one of the Suffragettes (from Mary Poppins). I had a fun encounter with one of the other Suffragettes! A young woman in a lovely yellow dress, who was really into it. She started to walk past me, then stopped, took my hand, said something about how lovely it was to see me, we "air kissed" on each cheek, and she went on her way. You see, I know how to play along, too! It was a hoot!

We have had a quiet and lazy day today. It is sunny and nice outside. It isn't usually nearly as hot here as it is in Orlando, in the summer (and late spring--haha). Thank goodness!


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