Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday on Wednesday

I am behind--haha.

I know that as of 9 p.m. last night, Anne and Paul were in Louisiana. I have no idea how much longer they traveled and where they ended up for the night. Or where they are today, for that matter! I figure no news means that all is okay though.

I was outside yesterday and realized I hadn't checked the jasmine in a good long while. I know that in the past, it has required a little bit of attention, redirecting some of the vines that want to go get tangled in the palm tree or wherever. Well, it was a good thing I gave it a check! There were vines of jasmine tangled in the palm fronds. There are some vines over climbing up the side of the house, clinging to the door frame (of the garage side door). As one might expect, the back side of the trellis has the best growth of vines. Oh well. I spent some time getting vine pulled off the palm tree and redirected. I also grabbed vines that were making their way to the air conditioner, and did the same with those. A quick check showed me that it was going to take more time and effort to remove the vines from the wall, so those are safe till another day. The vines are in full bloom, and I came back into the house, reeking of the jasmine smell. Oh well. At least it is really pretty to look at!

I came home from knitting group today and saw that there are two blooms open on the magnolia tree, and another one half open. It is so pretty!

I'll let you know when I have more news of Anne and Paul.


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