Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I had a call from Anne late this morning. She wanted to know where I put her camera. I put it in the truck yesterday----and I had forgotten to tell her just where I had put it.

She said things are going well. They are making better time than they thought they would. She said they got to Tallahassee last night. I didn't ask what time they stopped---I imagine it was late though.

I happened to look out the living room window and saw that one of the magnolia blooms is about half way open! It looks so pretty already. It looks like a couple other ones are about ready to start opening too. The magnolia trees at Disney are much further along---they have many really large trees and they all have a lot of blooms. They are so pretty. Disney also has a lot of gardenia bushes and they have been in bloom too. They put off a lot of scent---quite a treat for those who like the smell! Not me though--haha. Fortunately, my allergy meds have been up to the challenge and I haven't suffered much.

I will keep you all posted as I hear more from Anne.


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