Friday, May 02, 2008

I Know Nothink!

Isn't that what Sgt Schultz said countless times on Hogan's Heros?

No news from Anne. At least, not since the text message Wednesday night saying they were at New Braunfels. I still maintain that no news means that all is okay. I did send her a text message last night, but have had no response back. I am not too worried about that, as on Monday she had told me that Paul packed the charger for her cell phone, and she didn't know how long the charge on her phone would last.

I figure they probably had a hectic day yesterday, taking possession of the duplex and getting the trailer unloaded. Of course, there is the unpacking to do too. And probably some shopping to buy food, and other things that they will need in the new place.

In local news, there is a brush fire north of us, but still in Viera. I mostly mention it just in case it is a slow news day in any of the rest of the country and it gets mentioned on your news reports. We are perfectly fine. I didn't even know about the fire till I heard the report on the news last night. It was getting close to some homes and people were getting very nervous, but the firefighters were confident that they would be able to keep the fire contained. From the little bit I heard this morning, it sounds like that was the case--that it has been contained.

There are a number of magnolia blossoms on the tree now! It looks so pretty. I just remembered that I hadn't checked the frangipani in a while. I went and looked, and the buds have started to open! Some branches have flowers open already, some are still in the bud stage. The flowers are so pretty, and are a lovely, cheery yellow!

I will let you all know when I hear anything from Anne and Paul....


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