Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Talked to Anne

Anne and Paul are safely in Texas and busy trying to get settled in. There have been drivers' licenses to get. The truck had to be inspected and registered. The trailer had to be unloaded and there is unpacking to do.

The charger for Anne's cell phone was finally found last night after I talked to her. Hurrah! Their local phone won't be hooked up till Thursday--not sure why it takes so long. They should have internet access later today, so she will finally be able to get email, etc.

I truly think that no matter how many times a person has moved as a kid, and even with the family as a young adult, it is still a new experience to move by oneself or as a married couple. I think the prior moving is helpful, but it isn't quite the same. I sure found that when Mike and I moved the first time. I am sure Anne has found the same thing to be true for her.

Still no rain around here. I think the last measureable rain Orlando had was the day Mike and I got totally soaked at Epcot. That was about a month ago, from what the weather guy on TV says.

There are several blooms open on the magnolia tree. Between brown, fading blooms, fully open ones and partially open ones, I think there are about 8-9 blooms on the tree at any given time. It really looks pretty! I haven't noticed any blooms on the gardenia bush this spring, I will have to go outside and look, as they might be on the other side of the bush? Of course, I hate to look because if there are flowers, they will smell! The frangipani has more open flowers now and still has plenty of buds, waiting to open up.


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