Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Home From Virginia

Well, after how many years of little to no travel, we are more than making up for it. Not sure if that is good or bad, but the trips have been enjoyable, so I guess it is good?

We left for Virginia on Thursday, for a visit with Jo and Eric. Since we are both anal about arriving at the airport early, that is what we did, and we had short lines everywhere. Of course, that meant there was plenty of time to sit and wait for the flight, but at least we knew we were safely there and ready to go. Jo was in the terminal waiting for us when we arrived in Richmond, and my checked bag was one of two that popped out on the baggage carousel quite soon, before it stopped. Usually when a bag or two pops out and then the whole thing stops, we find our bag is one of the last out--haha.

We had a great visit, with plenty of time to visit, and trips out too. We went to the Greek Festival on Friday and it was really fun. They had plenty of great Greek food, and Jo got a sampler of Greek pastries to take back to the house---yummm! We got to see some of the Greek dancing--the dances we saw were slow and unfamiliar, till they did some dances from Crete! Those dances looked quite familiar and were much more interesting to watch.

We visited the Meadow-oops, I don't remember the name of the farm! It is the farm that Jo volunteers at. It is very nicely maintained and restored, and we enjoyed it a lot. Mike came along, with his camera, and took a good number of photos. There were sheep, horses, and pigs to photograph at the farm.

Jo and I took several walks--the weather was great! We visited her local quilt shop---it is probably a good thing that I don't have that good a shop nearby--haha.

Jo's birthday was celebrated on Sunday, when Becky and her family could come. Eric grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, and we had quite a spread of good food to eat. It was great seeing Becky and her family again too. We finally got to see Jake and he is a real cutie. It was great seeing Zack and Maddie again, they are growing up and fun to visit with.

Jo and Eric kindly got up in the wee hours of the morning (5 a.m.!) to take us to the airport for our flight home. We found tiny lines and got checked in and through security in no time. We arrived in Orlando a few minutes earlier than expected, my checked bag showed up quickly once again, and we decided that since we were so close, we might as well stop at Epcot for a few hours!

The only crowd we saw was when waiting to go through the turnstiles---not sure why it was so crowded there. I figured that we got to that point right after a bus dumped a huge load? Anyway, after that, it was not crowded at all. We went over to the World Showcase, and had never seen it so empty. I did finally remember that it was Monday, and I am sure that had something to do with it. We had a nice visit, and left by 3.30 to head home.

The kitties didn't seem to be too upset that we had been gone. We didn't get the cold shoulder, but they also weren't too naggy about getting attention. It really made it nice! It is nice getting out and traveling, but it is also really nice to get home too.


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It's Meadow Farm. LOL


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