Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Week

The summer is zipping by, not sure where it goes.

I ended up spinning 4 times this past week. I am almost done with the first half of this merino wool. It will be a two ply yarn and I think it will come out pretty good.

Mike and I swam at the Brady's pool and spa both Saturday and Sunday. We went early enough to miss the summer thunderstorms. We had a nice chat with the folks yesterday, Mom and Dad came and sat out on the patio.

The space shuttle launch has suffered from the storms though, and was delayed once again yesterday. I hope it goes off tonight? If the storms would come through earlier, all would be well....

I am going through Disney withdrawal. We haven't been since Michelle's birthday. Yikes, that is almost a month ago. Between being out of town and bad weather, there hasn't been much choice. I guess we could go despite the rain chances, but we hate to have our time shortened by a thunderstorm. Oh well....

I will have to get back to washing Anne's wool, and wash up some more alpaca too...


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