Friday, July 03, 2009

Busy Summer

June flew by in no time at all, that is what being busy will do for you. Brian, Christine and Michelle flew in for a visit, and we had a great two weeks with them. They got the Disney military salute tickets, good for 5 days of Disney fun. We made full use, and used every day of those tickets. I imagine they have had enough Disney to last them a good long time.... On the down side, it was hot and more crowded than I remember the parks being last summer. But, I remembered that the weather kept us from going as much last summer as we did the rest of the year, so I can't really judge.

We finally got to take the kids to Epcot and that was a lot of fun. Michelle did just fine there---we weren't sure if there was enough there to keep her interested and happy, but it worked out okay. She did sleep for a while, but that was good, since we stayed till closing and saw the fireworks, which she absolutely loved. She liked it so much, we then stayed at Magic Kingdom long enough to see the evening light parade and the fireworks. They really put on a great display.

We also went to the Animal Kingdom, and Michelle enjoyed that too. I quickly remembered why we think we will enjoy that park more in cooler weather--lol.

On most of the non-Disney days, we went next door and swam at Mom and Dad's. Michelle loves the water and doesn't mind getting her face wet, water up her nose, etc. I wonder where she gets that from? She had a grand time and enjoyed jumping off the side of the pool to us.

They flew home on Friday the 19th and Mike and I flew to Denver on the Monday the 22nd, for Mike's TDY to Boulder. We had a great time there, tried out some new restaurants, and enjoyed the cooler weather. I got to shop at Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins again, and bought some great fiber to spin.

We are home again, and I am back to meeting with my knitting buddies on Wednesdays. Hurrah!


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