Tuesday, August 04, 2009

This and That

I have intended to post so many times and didn't have time and/or didn't have photos ready that I wanted to post, so put it off.

You have probably heard that the Endeavor landed safely. We heard the (two) sonic booms, they pretty well shook the house. Two nearby ibis were startled and flew past the dining room window--would have been cool to have gotten a shot of that.

It might have been that same day, I was outside and spotted the family of swans that live in the lake behind the houses on Old Glory. Mom and Dad swan and the 4 almost grown up swans, who look about as big as the parents at this point, but are still brown. Go figure. I got the camera and they stayed around long enough for me to get a shot that wasn't too bad....

On the spinning front--I finally finished plying the amethyst merino singles today. Two bobbins full in all, the most I have ever spun of any one fiber. I got the yarn wound onto the niddy noddy and finished up in the sink. It looks better than I could hope, as it hangs drying in the bathroom. I'll put up photos of the two skeins later, but for now, I have a photo of the yarn on the niddy, ready to be pulled off and washed.

I knew it wasn't going to take long to finish plying the merino, so I wracked my brain to decide what I would start spinning next. I didn't want to start a really big project, or anything too fussy. I decided I would spin up a freebie bonus half batt I got when I ordered some batts from a favorite etsy shop. I actually remembered to take photos of the fiber before disturbing it. I then weighed it--about 0.6-0.7 ounces. I divided it in half, so I can do a two ply and have similarly filled bobbins--lol. I have spun a little bit of the first half, it is spinning very thin, and is very sparkly! Have to go get the band--okay, she calls it a batt bite (!!!) and it may contain merino wool, silk, firestar, yak, camel and bamboo. It is very soft and sparkly, and fun to spin.


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