Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three Days of Disney Fun!

We survived our second annual "Mike's birthday weekend at Disney!" We had a really good time, as usual. And we made it through 3 days at Disney with just one blister each. We were a bit worried about the weather forecasts, but we really got lucky and although 3-4 thunderstorms hit Epcot on Sunday, we managed to avoid getting wet.

Mike suggested we get some photos taken on Monday, so we did. We had two sets done on Main Street, by two different Disney photographers, in two different locations. They actually aren't bad, and I think we might order some. We really will have to get them to take photos with one of our cameras some time. I know we never seem to have many/any photos of the two of us together.

We had a great dinner on Sunday night at Teppan Edo, one of the restaurants in Japan. The food was wonderful, just as it was the last time we ate there. It is a good show and very enjoyable! We had a good dinner on Monday night at Tony's Town Square too, for Mike's birthday. Yummy food, and an ice cream sundae for Mike's birthday.

On the fiber front, I plied most of the rest of my two bobbins of singles today. Well, I spun till the one bobbin ran out of singles, that is. Despite carefully dividing the fiber into two equal sections and spinning each on a bobbin, it wasn't so even after all. Oh well. I still have a pretty good amount of plied yarn on the new bobbin, and I might have close to 300 yards of yarn by the time it is all done?

I still haven't remembered to take a photo of the skein of finished yarn...that will have to wait for a different day and then I will get it up on the blog.


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