Friday, July 24, 2009

It is Yarn!

We are fine, keeping busy. The weather has been nicer this week, not as many thunderstorms. Which has been nice. It is nice seeing more blue sky. One of the trade-offs has been hotter temperatures. Oh well. We did have a thunderstorm last night, and I think we got rain here, although I am not positive. It didn't sound like they had anything at all in Orlando.

We head off to Orlando tomorrow for our celebration weekend at Disney. I made reservations for dinner at Teppan Edo on Sunday evening and Tony's on Monday, for Mike's birthday. The food at both places is really good--can't go wrong with either place. I am not sure if we are taking the computer or not, but even if we do, I imagine I will not be writing--although I would be sure to check email. I will have my cell phone, be sure to call if you need to get hold of us!

The kitties are doing fine. They still have kitty wars pretty often, so still seem to have plenty of energy, despite their elderly kitty status. You would think they could/would just lie around and be lazy, but not so.

I finished spinning the amethyst merino. On Tuesday I started plying the two bobbins of singles. That was eye opening and disheartening, as I saw just how irregular my singles were. It was strange, as I had thought that my singles were much more even than past efforts, and I thought this yarn would be really good. HA!

I found that once plied, the yarn filled the bobbin with plenty left on the singles bobbins. I filled the bobbin almost totally full after hours of plying (see photo), and decided since there was no way to get the rest of the singles plied and onto that bobbin, I had best stop. It took a good bit of time to wind all that yarn onto my niddy noddy. I gave the yarn a good bath and went ahead and shocked it with hot and cold water, whacked it and snapped it. I had been a little worried that the yarn would be totally unbalanced, as some parts of the singles really had a lot of twist in them. But, amazingly, once the twist was set, the yarn hung straight and there was no sign of little twisty pigtails.

And best of all, the yarn looked so much nicer than it did when I was plying. Go figure. I have 148 yards so far, and there is still the rest to ply. I did start plying the rest yesterday but didn't have much time to devote to it.


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