Thursday, September 10, 2009

Too Late for a 09-09-09 Post

I really would have loved to post at 09.09 a.m. on 09/09/09, but I didn't think about it till too late--haha. Oh well.

All is fine here. Mike and I are keeping busy, as usual. There hasn't been much photo taking going on. It is the wrong season for birds, except for the ones that seem to be here all year, and they have been photographed half to death. There are no little grand-daughters here to take photos of either. And no trips to Disney since the end of July. Between trips out of town and rain chances that seemed to go up almost every weekend, we just haven't made it over. However, I am sure that will change soon, as the forecasts are starting to look better again and it won't be too much longer before we are into the beginning of the dry season.

I have been doing a little bit of swimming at the folks pool. I made it up to 25 laps the other day--not sure how that translates to laps in a regular public sized pool. I did measure the pool back before Mom and Dad moved in, but I don't remember now just how long it is--except not very long--haha. I keep reminding myself to swim while I can, before it is too cool to do it in comfort. I hope we don't have another colder-than-usual winter like we did last year.

I haven't been knitting much but am still spinning--sometimes several times a week.
Here are the two bobbins of Mint Julep that I have spun so far. I have been plying these and almost have a bobbin full now. I still have one batt of this fiber to spin, too. The yarn is coming out really nice and soft, and looks pretty.


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