Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy Weekend

That just about says it all. We had a cloudy, gloomy day on Saturday. The sun didn't really peek out till way later in the day. It rained off and on, and rained that night too. More rain Sunday afternoon and Sunday night. I have to remember to go check the rain gauge.

There wasn't much going on--football on the TV and time spent on the computers. It sure was a quiet weekend! Mike had the beeper, so quiet was good, actually.

I got the plied Mint Julep yarn off the bobbin and got it washed and finished. It has been hanging in the bathroom, drying. I took it down and took some photos--it looks really pretty, if I do say so myself! I have hung it back up--I want to make sure it is really totally dry before I tuck it away. Wool can hold so much water before it feels wet, I don't like to take chances. So, here is the first skein of Mint Julep!

Oops, second photo is blurry! But, it has the dime to give an idea of thickness, so I will leave it. Might try to take a better photo later and replace it.


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