Thursday, February 25, 2010

Michelle is Sick

As if life wasn't keeping us busy enough....Anne and I got back from Austin to find that Michelle was sick. It didn't seem all that bad on Wednesday, although she was coughing a lot and seemed pretty stuffy. It seemed more like a cold than anything.

Well, her temp kept going up and by the time Christine came to get her, she was running quite a fever and not feeling good at all. Christine took her to the doc this morning....ear infection, a good start on pink eye, and a cough. Meds for all, which is great fun. Michelle takes after her dad when it comes to her willingness to take meds. Although actually she isn't quite as bad as he was--LOL.

By this evening, she was feeling some better, thank goodness. It was quite a day...Christine brought her over after she got the prescriptions filled, and had time to go change and get to work (starts at 11). It has been a good long time since I have dealt with a sick kiddo and I haven't missed it at all--haha.

We will hope she continues to improve rapidly!

Brian has his knee surgery tomorrow..

Take care all....send plenty of good thoughts, okay?


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