Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig?

We are safely home.

The Fates didn't seem to want that though?

We were to fly home on Wednesday, after several days with Jo and Eric. They dropped us off at the airport in good time and we got the bag checked, through security (hurmph!) and to the gate all in good time.

Mike and I were the next in line to get on the plane when they stopped boarding people. Before we knew it we were sitting again and the people already on the plane were back in the waiting area. There was a problem with the plane. A crew was called in and it was eventually determined that it could not be repaired in time for the flight to take off that evening.

We stood in line and chose to try the same flight on Thursday. We called Jo and she and Eric kindly came and rescued us. What a mess! It was nice getting to spend more time with Jo and Eric made the whole situation much easier to deal with.

They took us to the airport again on Thursday. All went well, although our plane was a little late getting in. Unbelievably, the pilot announced that they had hit a bird on their way to Richmond, and they had to have the plane checked to make sure there was no damage. Good to know they take things seriously, but honestly---why so hard to get out of Richmond? They got a crew in to check the plane and all was good. We were about an hour delayed, but at least we knew the plane was not damaged.

We arrived safely in Orlando, and were glad to be back in warm Florida--haha.

I will post soon about all the fun things we did in Richmond!


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