Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Virginia

We had a safe flight to Richmond. Jo met us outside security and Eric was waiting outside with the truck.

We have been keeping busy. We went to the farm on Friday and I bought half a fleece that was shorn from the sheep at the farm. Mike took a lot of photos, and there should be some good ones in there!

Yesterday we went to the fall music festival (not sure that is the real name?). There were a number of stages with groups performing. There were a number of different kinds of music being played--just about something for everyone. Jo says the craft area was smaller than in years past. There were a few artisans demonstrating, which was interesting.

We got rained on a little bit--the first rain we have had here since we arrived, I think?

Jo and I have been doing a lot of spinning. I brought some fiber with me that I had solar dyed. I have finished spinning an ounce of it and plied it. It is in hot water soaking. I think it is way over twisted and I might have to run it back through.

In any case, Jo is letting me use her Ashford Traditional wheel and I am enjoying it. I still like my own wheel best, of course, but I like hers too! It is a single treadle, which took a little bit of getting used to.

Well, I had best go....more later.


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