Saturday, October 31, 2009

Round Up Time

I had intended to write more about the Richmond trip ages ago and it didn't happen. Suffice it to say, we had a really good visit! It is always fun and relaxing to visit with Jo and Eric.

Jo and I both did a lot of spinning. I finished spinning and plying all the solar dyed fiber I brought with me. I haven't done a thing with it since I got home, except take it to knitting group to show. I had almost forgotten that I wanted to put the one skein back through the wheel to reduce the twist a little bit. I will have to do that next week. Then both skeins need to be finished.

Jo gave me some fiber to spin on that last Thursday. The day when we were supposed to be home except for our flight being cancelled. It was kind of interesting/strange looking fiber--maybe not a color combination I would have chosen. Well, it spins up really pretty. I spun up half of it while at Jo's. I have the rest to do and still haven't touched it yet, except to take it to knitting. They all loved it, both the unspun and the spun. So, I guess it is just outside my usual comfort zone and not a strange combination after all? I am really pleased with the way it looks when spun so I guess that is the big thing?

Okay, back to our visit--lol. We went to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens and had a great time there. The flowers were lovely and the grounds are wonderful. Mike and Jo went in to see the Butterflies-turned out that was the last day for the exhibit. Mike got some great butterfly photos.

On Tuesday we went to Colonial Williamsburg. Mike took his camera and we had a great time walking around and seeing the sites. Mike and I hadn't been there in a good 15 years or so. It seemed to me that the surrounding areas had changed a good bit, but it is hard to say--15 years is a long time to remember too many details.

One of the big highlights was: eating lunch at the Trellis Restaurant. You may remember Marcel Desaulniers, who did two different cooking shows years ago--Death By Chocolate and The Burger Meister. He is co-owner of the Trellis. We ended up eating lunch there and it was wonderful! We had a good lunch and had to order a slice of the Death by Chocolate cake. We split it three ways and all had more than enough cake. It was delicious!

It is amazing to think we have been home as long as we have.

We have made another trip to Epcot, enjoying the ongoing International Food and Wine Festival.

This past Thursday I took Mom and Dad to Orlando to see my Aunt Glenda and some of the family. It had been 30 years since I had seen any of them. It was a great visit! Two of my cousins, their wives, and a daughter each were all there. I hope it isn't another 30 years before we meet up again.. Thanks to email and FaceBook, I am sure we will keep in touch better than we have in the past.

I think I am caught up now? With blogging anyway.

I have wool to wash. Ditto alpaca. I have spinning to do! I have skeins of yarn to finish. And Christmas shopping to get started on. Yikes!


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