Monday, May 26, 2008

Holiday Weekend

A lot has happened since I posted last. I made a trip to CA and have been back more than a week now. It was really good to see everyone. I was lucky enough to see all of my family and it was good to catch up with everyone.

This past Friday I bought a new dishwasher. The old one is giving indications that it has just about outlived its useful life, and I would much rather replace it at a time that suits me--haha. It doesn't hurt that Sears was having an appliance sale too. The new dishwasher will be delivered tomorrow!

Mike and I went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday. Saturday had way too high a risk of rain and thunderstorms. We did have some storms here and I think they did in Orlando too. The weather yesterday was pretty good! There were clouds, but no rain, and there was still plenty of sun, too. We decided to switch things up a bit, and took the ferry to the entrance, rather than taking the monorail. We really enjoyed that---we don't think it took any longer, and it was nice being on the water, with the nice breeze. We were afraid the park would be really crowded, since it was a holiday weekend, but that wasn't the case! We had a really nice day and as a nice bonus, we actually saw some baby ducks there!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Plodding Along

I have talked to Anne a few times since last time I posted. They are making good progress on getting settled in. Many of the rooms are set up the way they want them, and I know that has to give them a real sense of accomplishment. It is always nice to get things settled and the boxes out of the house.

They continue to find that things are different in Texas. Even getting a new drivers license is different. I am sure it will all come together for them though!

After saying that I didn't think there were any blooms on the gardenia, I looked out the window the other day and could see three blooms! So, I didn't have to risk going back there to check. I think the jasmine is still in bloom too, so I keep my distance.

We have clouds today, although I don't think there is supposed to be much of a chance of rain today. We are quickly approaching the 90's. Melbourne already had a 90 degree day, back in March, but Orlando just recently had their first one of the year. They are predicting a pretty warm weekend, with highs of 93.

I know, those of you in TX, you all have had plenty of 90+ degree days already and it looks like you have more this week!

I went to knitting group yesterday and we had 8-9 of us there. Really was a surprise after just 4 of us last week.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Talked to Anne

Anne and Paul are safely in Texas and busy trying to get settled in. There have been drivers' licenses to get. The truck had to be inspected and registered. The trailer had to be unloaded and there is unpacking to do.

The charger for Anne's cell phone was finally found last night after I talked to her. Hurrah! Their local phone won't be hooked up till Thursday--not sure why it takes so long. They should have internet access later today, so she will finally be able to get email, etc.

I truly think that no matter how many times a person has moved as a kid, and even with the family as a young adult, it is still a new experience to move by oneself or as a married couple. I think the prior moving is helpful, but it isn't quite the same. I sure found that when Mike and I moved the first time. I am sure Anne has found the same thing to be true for her.

Still no rain around here. I think the last measureable rain Orlando had was the day Mike and I got totally soaked at Epcot. That was about a month ago, from what the weather guy on TV says.

There are several blooms open on the magnolia tree. Between brown, fading blooms, fully open ones and partially open ones, I think there are about 8-9 blooms on the tree at any given time. It really looks pretty! I haven't noticed any blooms on the gardenia bush this spring, I will have to go outside and look, as they might be on the other side of the bush? Of course, I hate to look because if there are flowers, they will smell! The frangipani has more open flowers now and still has plenty of buds, waiting to open up.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunny Sunday

I sent a text message to Paul's phone the other evening and had a message back that they are fine and will call soon. They haven't yet, but I imagine they are still pretty busy and so I am not worried. I am sure we would hear if there was any problem.

We made a trip to the Magic Kingdom yesterday and had a good time. It was quite cloudy here in Melbourne/Viera, and we had a little bit of rain on the way to Orlando, but as we got closer to Disney, the sky cleared and the weather was great. It was quite warm though. I think Mike and I both ended up getting a bit overheated and dehydrated, but we both drank plenty of water and felt better.

Mike took his camera and a different lens than he usually takes and got some great photos. We finally worked it so we were in the right place at the right time to see the castle show. Mike found a place to sit on the ground, front row center, and had a blast taking photos.

Here is the link to see the photos. The first photo is one of the Suffragettes (from Mary Poppins). I had a fun encounter with one of the other Suffragettes! A young woman in a lovely yellow dress, who was really into it. She started to walk past me, then stopped, took my hand, said something about how lovely it was to see me, we "air kissed" on each cheek, and she went on her way. You see, I know how to play along, too! It was a hoot!

We have had a quiet and lazy day today. It is sunny and nice outside. It isn't usually nearly as hot here as it is in Orlando, in the summer (and late spring--haha). Thank goodness!

Friday, May 02, 2008

I Know Nothink!

Isn't that what Sgt Schultz said countless times on Hogan's Heros?

No news from Anne. At least, not since the text message Wednesday night saying they were at New Braunfels. I still maintain that no news means that all is okay. I did send her a text message last night, but have had no response back. I am not too worried about that, as on Monday she had told me that Paul packed the charger for her cell phone, and she didn't know how long the charge on her phone would last.

I figure they probably had a hectic day yesterday, taking possession of the duplex and getting the trailer unloaded. Of course, there is the unpacking to do too. And probably some shopping to buy food, and other things that they will need in the new place.

In local news, there is a brush fire north of us, but still in Viera. I mostly mention it just in case it is a slow news day in any of the rest of the country and it gets mentioned on your news reports. We are perfectly fine. I didn't even know about the fire till I heard the report on the news last night. It was getting close to some homes and people were getting very nervous, but the firefighters were confident that they would be able to keep the fire contained. From the little bit I heard this morning, it sounds like that was the case--that it has been contained.

There are a number of magnolia blossoms on the tree now! It looks so pretty. I just remembered that I hadn't checked the frangipani in a while. I went and looked, and the buds have started to open! Some branches have flowers open already, some are still in the bud stage. The flowers are so pretty, and are a lovely, cheery yellow!

I will let you all know when I hear anything from Anne and Paul....