Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Physical Therapy

Well, when I saw the ortho guy last week (was it just last week?)--he put in a referral for physical therapy. He figured the problem was plantar fasciitis too, and gave me some inserts for my shoes. I finally had time to stop and breathe long enough to slip one in today, and I can't wear them---bumps in all the wrong places for my foot. However----- I had a call yesterday from PT at the base, they had a cancelation and could get me in this morning at 10.50. I almost turned it down, but decided it was early enough that Anne wouldn't be up and moving much yet anyway. So, I took it. The therapist is a new guy here, a Major, and really seems to know his stuff. He got me from the waiting room, and had me walk in front of him so he could see my gait, etc. He talked to me first, asking questions about it all. They also had a form that I had to fill out when I first got there, and it was really pretty good, quite comprehensive, etc---and he actually read it all! So, then he checked things out, a number of ways. I have to say, he is a good listener, and actually hears what you say, and not just what he is expecting. I told him that when it first started, I thought it was my ankle, then realized it was the bone lower down right at the arch. He says he thinks that is exactly right. He says it isn't plantar fasciitis at all, that it is an "ankle disfunction" and there may or may not be some arthritis in it. My arch on my left foot is lower than on the right (the left is the problem one). So, he is going to talk to the ortho guy, and get me referred to a podiatrist. He thinks new orthotics with more and stronger arch support might take care of it, but thinks it really needs to be seen, too. So, we will see what happens. He did give me some good suggestions, too, about things to help relieve the stress on the arch till something else is done about it. I didn't try the inserts the ortho guy gave me till after I had seen the PT guy, and just as well---since I then knew that part of it was the arch, and I found when I tried the insert, it doesn't support my arch as well as my old orthotics. I have a feeling that if the bumps didn't get me, the lack of sufficient arch support would. So, won't bother with them.

Anne and I leave tomorrow for OH. We will take Mike out for dinner tonight, and will celebrate the anniversary (number 26) next week! Take care and I will blog again when we get back, if not sooner!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lift Off!!!!

By the skin of our teeth, Anne and I made it to the base in time for lift-off! I think we had about 3 minutes to spare, if that. As you might guess, the causeways were lined with cars, and there were a number of boats on the rivers, although I think most of the other boats went a lot closer! The lift-off was almost a little bit disappointing, after being used to seeing it on TV, as everything looked so tiny. And being daytime, there wasn't the big glow and flame like the nighttime launches. However, it was still pretty exciting to see!

Be sure to click on the photos for a larger view! The first two photos show the actual shuttle, the third is just the contrail, once the shuttle was no longer visible.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Some Must Be Sacrificed......

So others can get bigger! Those of you with fruit trees might get the drift of that! I had asked Mom about thinning out the grapefruit, as on our tree they tend to cluster greatly. I did remember enough to know that thinning them helps preserve the branches, which can break from the weight of the fruit. Also that it allows the remaining fruit to get larger. Some of the clusters had 6-10 grapefruit, so you can imagine how crowded they were! I think she said you can take out every other one, and I did think about doing that, but it is still slightly wrenching to pick off the poor little things, blighting their meager existance. However, yesterday evening I girded my strength, and picked about a third of the fruit in the clusters. In some I took half, and some I didn't bother at all, as there are some places where there were only 1-3 to start with and they didn't look at all crowded. I picked the littest ones whenever I could, as you would guess! In all, I picked 38 grapefruit. Just a note, last week when we had a lot of wind, 4 grapefruit fell off the tree. So, that makes the total removed, one way or another, 42! I would guess that there are easily two times that many still on the tree, if not more. Assuming we don't lose fruit to hurricanes this year, a lot of people who love grapefruit are going to have to come visit us! I don't think Mike will be able to eat that many!!!!!!

Anne worked yesterday and works today, then is off till we get back from Ohio. She will be really glad to have the break from work, etc.

Not much else going on. We hope the shuttle launch goes off as planned tomorrow! I made an appt for an oil change for my car, and made it for 9 a.m., so it would be done in time for us to get closer for the launch, if Anne wants to go. I will let you know what happens!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I Still Count This as Saturday!

I noticed that my last post was listed as Saturday, although I counted it as Friday night, since I was still up. Is that silly or what? But it might make things more clear as to what happened when, if you keep that in mind! Same as today, it will list it as Sunday, but I am writing about Saturday.

I got up early to follow on over to the Chevy place and bring Mike home. I took an appt for 8 a.m. when I called, since they are only open till 1 p.m. on Saturday, and I figured it was best to give them as much time as possible! As it is, they have the car till sometime on Monday. They did call today, said the problem is the water pump. I guess we will see. Anyway, they say the car will be ready sometime on Monday. It could be a lot worse, and in any case, we sure hope this takes care of all the problems.

I made more progress on Anne's blankie today. I am doing all the basketweave stuff, and it is going along fine. It should look really nice when it is done, I think Anne chose well when she chose the pattern.

We read more Harry Potter tonight. We were further along than I remembered us being, I think we started Chapter 7 tonight, and I read it and Chapter 8. It continues interesting! If it hadn't been so late, we might have done one more chapter, as the next one is titled "Half Blood Prince" and the big question has been who is that! I guess we might know tomorrow? Unless it is a teaser and the question won't be answered in that chapter!

Well, not another thing to write about, so off I go and maybe something amazingly exciting will happen tomorrow!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

What a Day

Hi All! A busy day today, all the way around. I talked to Dr. Paine's office and found out that we had the wrong date for her appt, thinking it was July and it is in August. Good thing we got that straight! I played phone tag off and on all day with Dr. LoZito's office. (just some questions, including wondering about the results of the blood work) Just one of those days. I will get them on Monday.

I called and talked to a local car repair place about Mike's car--he continues to have problems with the stupid warning lights (for the charging system?), and because of the past history of it just plain not starting sometimes, he sure doesn't want to just ignore this. The place I called is the place I take my car for oil changes, it is owned by a retired MSgt and a retired Lt.Col. I have always found them to be helpful and honest there. Mike did take it there last time he took it in. They checked all the charging system, and it all checked out okay. They do figure there might be a short somewhere? Anyway, when I called, they suggested a dealer's service department might do better, since they work on these kinds of cars all the time and SHOULD know more about the likely spots for shorts, etc. He did recommend a place, which is not the one Mike has been taking it to. I called this afternoon and they can look at it tomorrow. So, we will take it in at 8 tomorrow morning.

Anne and I got out of the house early enough this afternoon to stop at the credit union and I got a box mailed to Brian and Christine. Then it was about time to drop Anne off for work. I did a quick run through the commissary for a few things, and the place was packed. Anne said tonight that the BX was really busy too. She said a lot of people were worried about the new hurricane in the Atlantic, but we heard on the news that it is going on up into the Atlantic, there is almost no chance at all it will come our way. We did wonder if that was why so many people were at the BX and commissary though, stocking up their hurricane supplies?

After I got Anne from work, I did get her blankie cast on. You have to cast on 249 stitches for this blankie she wants, which is real fun to count out! I lose track, of course, so just count the loops after I have cast on a bunch, till I have the right number. I have done 5 rows of knitting on it already---that takes a while too, with the number of stitches. It is getting more and more manageable though! She picked nice yarn and I am sure she will enjoy it. It seems she is either freezing half to death, or hot as can be. There seems to be no happy medium. Since the more usual condition is freezing, it is worth it to make her a nice blankie to keep warm with. It will be done in a basket weave pattern. Really nice.

It was really hot here today, I think they said 96 in Orlando at the airport, and I think the sign at the base said 96 too. I didn't really notice that it was much hotter than it has been. I guess that is just as well! Take care all of you, and those of you who blog, please do! We love to hear all your news too!!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Look What I Found!!

What kind of indication is it of the day ahead of you, when you get up in the morning, head into the bathroom, and find this??? It was a surprise, to say the very least! I always leave the lid down, so am really glad I looked first, before sitting. My first thought was, who got in here and left poop on the toilet seat? I knew Mike wouldn't have! Keep in mind, I didn't have my contacts in yet! I quickly took another look and saw that it was a frog. I went and got Anne and the camera, and I took the one photo, she took the second one. She went and got a jar, and I held on to the door till she got back. Mickey had tuned in on the fact that something interesting was going on and had come to check it out. Needless to say, we kept her out, so as not to be chasing frog all over the house! Anne quite handily got the frog nudged into the jar and took it outside. I, meanwhile, got a clorox wipe and a paper towel, and cleaned the seat thoroughly!!!!!!! Yuck!!!!!!

I may find more to write about later, but doubt that I can top this for the day's excitement.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sometimes Life is a Beach

Hi All---I am not sure this is one of those times, but the beach can be quite calming and soothing, and so that is a good thing. Anne was off work yesterday and we had a pretty quiet day, for the most part. Anne and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon working on the brain blog. We went for our weekly dinner out, and had a good time. She has really lost her appetite, which I guess is not surprising. It had already suffered a set back with the vertigo she has been having. Ended up, she ordered just a baked potato and shared some of my steak. It was more than enough for both of us, we still had leftovers to take home. We went to Longhorn, by the way, and we really do like it. We had one in OH and liked it a lot, but it was always so crowded, with such a long wait, we rarely went. It hasn't been as bad here, crowd-wise, so we have eaten there a few times. I really like that they, along with many of the local steak places, have an option of a baked sweet potato for a side. Since I like sweet potato now, it has been a great option for me!!!!

Anne had mentioned to me yesterday afternoon that she would like to go to the beach, just to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. After dinner we stopped at the house and got things put away, and Anne got into more appropriate footgear---her boots were not quite the right thing! Mike stayed at home--I hope we haven't ruined him for the beach, as that was where we went to tell him about Anne's tumor. (She wanted to go sit at the beach that evening too, and figured it would give us a chance to walk off and let me tell him about it.) Anyway, we headed off, making a detour at the BX to get a copy of the new Harry Potter book and look for some of those cold compress things for putting on your forehead for headaches. It was called Migraine Ice, and they used to have a variety of shapes even, depending on where you needed the cold--doesn't use ice, it is one of those chemical reaction things that makes it cold, when you take it out of the pouch. However, the base does not have them, and we ended up later going to two pharmacies before finding a generic version at the second place. Anne likes them because she can stick one on her forehead and go to sleep and doesn't have to worry about it falling off, or being too heavy, or too cold, etc.

Anyway, we got the Harry Potter and headed for the beach. I am so glad I got those chairs that open and close--sort of like an umbrella action, come to think of it-- and fit in the bags. They are pretty comfortable, and are so easy to sling over the shoulder and carry to the beach--nice and light-weight. We sat for a good while, watching people on the beach. It was still light out, but late enough that the breeze was off the water and was nice and cool. So nice after the hot temperatures we have been having--mostly highs in the low 90's lately, with heat indexes in the high 90's to low 100's. It was so relaxing to just sit there, and watch/listen to the waves coming in. A very good idea on Anne's part!

So, she is at work now and I have been puttering around doing this and that. I still need to read the Sunday paper, but it isn't going anywhere! Have been getting Mike's work shirts washed up. I did some knitting earlier on a cotton dish cloth. I didn't do a swatch to check gauge, and found that the needles I am using are too big! The cloth is supposed to be about 9 inches square, and I am guessing that it will actually be about 12 inches square! Anne had suggested that I go ahead and finish it, can give it to Brian for washing the cars. She said the word at crochetville is that they are really good for car washing, and great for getting bug residue off! And don't scratch the finish! So, I continue to work on it.

I guess I am long since out of news, so I will go ahead and sign off, and will write more later when there is something to write about! Take care all of you!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Blog

Hi All----Well, I had started blogging about doctors, and had finished that and was going to tell you about Brian and Co. However, Anne came in with a big tangle of yarn for me to straighten out for her----don't you just hate it when finding the end of the new skein of yarn results in a whole big mess coming out of the middle??? I got that straightened out and as I was doing that, she suggested we start a "brain blog" that we could both blog on, to tell about what all is going on with the tumor, etc. She thought that might be nice, rather than talking about it on our regular blogs. Also, that way, if someone were to feel they didn't want to read about it, they could still read our regular blogs safely without reading tumor stuff too. So, that is what we will do! As what I had already written was about the doctors, we put that aside and it will go into the new blog. We will both have links to it from our regular blog sites.

So, I talked to Brian today. Of course, we talked about Anne's situation, then also talked about other things. He said Michelle had just pooped on him! Well, long enough ago that I guess that was all cleaned up and he had even put her clothes in the sink to soak. Isn't he good? It was just a diaper malfunction. I do remember from when the kids were babies, that I found one brand of diapers worked best while they were really little (well, mostly with Brian, as I used cloth most of the time with Anne while she was really little) and that as they got a bit bigger, another brand worked better. They may just need to do a little bit of experimenting! By the way, I realized that when I mentioned how tall she is now, in the other blog update, I goofed. She was 20-1/4 inches "tall" when she was born, and is 3/4 inches taller now. So, she is 21 inches long (or tall!) now. Sorry about that!!!!!

He leaves on Tuesday for his TDY to Turkey, and comes back on Thursday. Just a short trip, which is nice.

Oh, back to Michelle, he did say she is doing really well with sleeping at night. He said they usually get her to bed for the night by 11 and she will sleep till 5 or 6 in the morning. I would imagine she does sleep in the evening too, but that is great that she will go for such a long stretch without waking.

So, it is amazing to think that our little angel is one month old today! I heard her cooing while I was talking to Brian, she sounds so sweet and happy. They are all doing well, thank goodness, and all is well over there.

Well, I am going to sign off and get Anne in here to start up our brain blog. Take care and watch for the link.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back Again

Hi All---I am amazed at how long it has been since I blogged last. I really didn't mean to let it go, but have been busy. Poor excuse, I know!

Anne has had more appointments, trying to track down the cause of her funny symptoms. We think we are getting closer to an answer, so that is good. Always best to know what is going on, eh? I have to get her to check her email, as I thought her orientation at the university was scheduled for 18 July and she thinks it is 18 August. That would make a real difference, so will have to check and find out which is the correct date! I would imagine she is right, since she is the one who actually gets and reads the emails and notices, and she only told me a date, and I guess I just assumed it was July! Time will tell and things will move along eventually.

I guess you all know that the launch scheduled for yesterday was scrubbed. Really sad, especially since the weather had been really iffy all morning, and cleared nicely in time for the launch. However, best to be safe and not take chances with these things. I do find it amazing that gauges on an important and sophisticated machine like the shuttle can go wonky. Makes you wonder how cars and such ever work right at all. Anne and I had planned to watch from either the beach or the BX parking lot. Mike wasn't going to be able to see it, as he was to be in a meeting in the afternoon. Maybe this time around, when it does go off, we will all be able to see it? I think it would be great if it were to be at a time/day so that Mike could take photos with the new camera!!!!

I talked to Brian briefly on IM today, and he said Michelle had her first well baby appt today!!! He said she did just fine. She weighs 8 pounds 11 ounces now, so she has put on a decent amount of weight. She is also 3/4 inches "taller!" which would make her 21-1/4 inches "tall." My how she has grown! He said they had to poke her foot for a blood test. I don't imagine she was much impressed by that! In any case, we didn't have much time to talk, but it sounds like all is fine there and they are all well.

The shutter guys did make it back Monday morning, and got the rest of the shutters installed. Mike was inclined to just leave them up till we found out what Emily was going to do, and I wasn't too sure about that. But the shutter guys thought it was a good idea too. I didn't think to call Mike and tell him, so Anne and I got home after him, to find he had already taken down the ones in the front. I told him I didn't mind leaving them up. So, since the ones in the front were already down, we left them down, and stored them in the garage, and have left the rest of them up. The others don't show from the front, which is all that matters, and even so, they aren't bad looking. As it is, it looks like Emily will miss us by a good bit. I find the shutters so unobtrusive though, that I don't mind if he goes ahead and leaves the side and back ones up most of the hurricane season. The front ones will be easy to get put back up if a hurricane does decide to come our way. These are very easy to put up and down, thank goodness, and aren't as heavy as the metal ones are.

Well, I guess that is it for now. We are keeping busy, as I am sure you all are too. Take care and drop us a line when you get time, we enjoy hearing from everyone! Till next time........

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Part Two

Hi All. At the risk of boring most of you, just an added comment about the previous knitting musings! I evidently was on a formerly well traveled path, with the "thoughts" I mentioned--about a way to cast-on my stitches. I gave it a try, and I think that is how I must have always done it in the past. I had just forgotten, after not having knitted in eons. However, I didn't think it worked too well with the cotton yarn, once the actual knitting got started. So, I switched and tried the other method I mentioned, which is the one that I seem to be seeing everywhere. It worked out just fine this time. I guess I have my "knitting fingers" back??? I think it probably acted about the same, once the actual knitting started, as the other cast-on did, but I didn't pay any attention to it and it was fine once the first row was well started. I guess that is just one of the little differences with the cotton yarn? In any case, I guess in future I can use either method and will have good results. It won't affect national security, the environment, or world economics, but it was important to me, and ultimately to the recipients of future knitting projects, so I was glad to get it all sorted out!

We actually managed to avoid rain till tonight after getting Anne from work, so that was nice! It is always nice when Mother Nature puts her "Camelot" shield over us----as in the musical, where it only rains at night? (Or was it actually supposed to be after midnight? I don't mind if it is before midnight, since we usually aren't out and about!) Some you of will have an inkling of what I am talking about!!!!!

Not much else to write about, I guess. I guess I need to start doing more exciting things, take some classes, do something, so I will have more interesting things to talk about??? Perhaps also start a quilting/knitting/craft blog, so you don't all have to either be bored or skip parts of my blog when I get off on these subjects!!

Unless something really interesting happens tomorrow, perhaps I will get back to some of the long postponed topics inspired by my trip to Germany! I know you will all be waiting with baited breath---hahahaha. Take care and more tomorrow!

Cloudy Day

Hi All---here it is Saturday already. Anne is at work, and has tomorrow off, so that will be nice! It is quite cloudy today, I am sure it is a result of Hurricane Dennis. I hate to have it pestering anyone, but have to say I am glad we aren't to get hit by it. Meanwhile, we are having a quiet day. I sorted laundry in Anne's room and have been working on that. It is also a day for catching up on newspaper reading. I do have to finish cleaning house too, before lunchtime Monday (so it can be a leisurely activity!). That is when the bug guy is to come. It really is worthwhile, we rarely ever see a bug, and usually when we do see one, it is DEAD! Just the way I like them! So, Monday will be a busy day, with the bug man coming, the shutter guys coming back to finish, Anne working---she opens, so will have to be at work at 8.45 a.m. Most of you know just how hard that is for Anne! But she has been doing well at handling it, as it has been happening more often lately.

I haven't done any more knitting yet. I am looking for a cast-on method that I like and haven't quite found it yet. I have an idea, and will have to try it out. Most of the books seem to show a method that also results in a completed row of knitting, by the time you get it all cast on. I think that would work really well with regular yarn, but I am having trouble keeping things even with the cotton yarn. Maybe it just requires more practice? I shall perservere and will find my perfect cast-on soon, I am sure! There are just so many things to do, and it is hard to decide what to do first, sometimes!

Meanwhile, my toe (the gout one!) is feeling a lot better! That was the case yesterday too, although I did find that wearing shoes most of the day yesterday was not a happy thing! However, it is feeling really good today, just a tiny bit sore when there is pressure on it. A huge change from the other day, when it just sat there and hurt! I will be hoping that it reverts to tradition, and if that is the case, I won't have any more trouble (once it finishes totally!) for a couple years or more! That would be quite nice. As to the likely plantar fasciitis on the other foot, I do find that if I flex my foot several times before getting up (as suggested by my doc) it helps a lot and I have little pain now on rising! That is a really nice change too, and an easy enough way to help prevent pain. So much better than more extreme measures!

I had a short email from Brian, he says Mitch is a happy, squishy baby! She goes in next week for her first well baby appt. The squishy bit is just a sort of pet expression, that he used before Mitch was born. It has just carried over into life outside too!

Well, you all take care and update those blogs! I still have to sort out photos and do some planning, and will try to get this redesigned, so it is a little more "me"!!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Partly Shuttered

Well, the hurricane shutter guys made it over here today. They could only stay till about 1.30, but they got a good bit done, I think. The one guy had said it was about a 2 day house, and I think they are about half done--or maybe not, but they did get a good bit done. It was a really good thing that Joel, our yard guy, was out with his crew earlier in the week, and they trimmed all the bushes, etc. They had cut back all the plants in the beds along the sunroom wall, and it made it so much easier to get in there to install those shutters! The shutter guys asked if it was okay to leave the shutters already installed up over the weekend. I didn't hesitate, since they are clear and we can still see out, get plenty of light in, etc. Once they get the rest installed on Monday, they will take them down and put them in the garage for me. They don't look like they will take up nearly as much room as I was afraid they might. They are quite light too, so they shouldn't be hard for Mike to put up, or even me, if I were to have to do it---if he were to be TDY, for example.

Our lawn elves (so often, they come and go while Anne and I are out---we come home and comment that the elves have been over again!) came today, right after the shutter guys left. Joel had a crew of 4 guys with him this time. They whipped through the work---I don't think it took them even half an hour to mow, trim, clean up, etc. It is especially nice to have someone who knows what to do with all the bushes, etc. Heaven knows, we sure don't! And everything grows so fast and so much here. It really is different than other places we have lived.

No word from Brian and Co. I have emailed and suggested even an update of photos on the blog would be appreciated. I know they are busy, and he is probably getting ready for his TDY. If I hear anything, I will be sure to pass it on!

Anne is really doing well with the knitting. Now if she can just get more focused, and actually finish one project before starting 3 more!!!!! As you might have noticed if you look at her Wrapped in Chains blog, she has a lot of projects in the works! And I don't think they are quite all listed there. She is one busy girl.

I am getting warmed up on knitting, and will try to get started on Christmas stockings soon. I found a neat little book with knit dishrags, and started one of those as a warm-up. Not really a great choice, since cotton yarn is a lot less stretchy than regular yarn. I am finding that it isn't going to take me long to get back up to speed though, so that is good to know! It has been so long since I last knit anything, I wasn't sure I was going to remember how to do it!

The magnolia is still blooming. It seemed to take a little breather for a while, but now has about 3-4 blooms on it, and is looking really pretty. The hibiscus have all been cut back, but they all still seem to have some blooms on them, if not a lot. The frangipani is still adding more leaves--a strange sight, after it was naked so long, after losing its leaves in the hurricanes last year! It still has those pretty blooms, that Mike took photos of. Joel cut the monstera philodendron way back AGAIN. It had really gone wild and was threatening to take over the whole back yard. Now that it is cut back so much, you can see all the caladiums and other plants that are filling up the rest of that bed. They look really nice. The grapefruit tree is full of grapefruit. I am about ready to thin it out, as a number of the branches are really drooping from the weight of the fruit. The fruit are clustered so much too---in many places there are 5-7 grapefruit all together. In any case, we sure don't want any broken limbs!

Well, you all take care and update your blogs! Or email! I enjoy hearing from you all!!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thursday already?

Well, here is another week almost gone. Mike woke me up this morning, and I noticed that my "gout" toe was just about killing me. It really made me think that I had been a couple of days early with the blood work and the doc visit. Oh well! I got up and took an Ultram, and it eventually helped enough that I was able to get back to sleep for a little while! Anne thinks my toe looked just the same as yesterday, but I really feel like it looked more swollen and redder. In any case, it was a good day for birkies rather than tennis shoes! It is feeling better now, thank goodness! Amazing how much a stupid toe can hurt!

Anne and I got an early start, as she had an appt this morning. It went just fine, and we will be interested to see the results. We ran a couple of errands after we finished and then came home. We got sprinkled on a little, which was not surprising, as the sky was really black in some places. However, we didn't get rained on much, which was nice since we were out and about! We got home to find it had rained much more here, the rain gauge has an inch of water in it. I always empty it, so that should be pretty accurate for the amount we got today in that rain storm.

There was a message on the answering machine, and the hurricane shutter guys should be here tomorrow. They expect to be here sometime between 8.30 and 9 a.m. I know Mike will be relieved when it is done. He can't help but worry that we will get hit by a hurricane before we get them, or the company will turn out to be a fake that runs off with our money. I am really glad that I am a more optomistic type person!

Week after next, Anne and I will head for Orlando, so Anne can go to orientation at the university. It will be interesting to find out all about it, see the school, etc. She hasn't had a whole lot of spare time, so we haven't made a trip over yet. I know she will be glad to get things sorted out, find where things are, get her schedule set, etc. School starts some time in August.

Well, I guess that is about it for now, take care all of you and I look forward to hearing all your news!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Feet Have It

Well, I have perhaps gotten some answers today. I have been having that gout type pain in my right big toe again. I needed to call the Lt. that works with my doc yesterday anyway, so mentioned it while I was talking to him. He put in a lab order for blood work to check on the uric acid levels, the standard test for gout, I guess. He suggested I call this morning and try to get a same day appt. So, I made sure a stop at the lab at the clinic was on our list of things to do yesterday, and I called this morning for an appt.

The first surprise of the day, and a pleasant one, is that my doctor isn't gone yet after all. From the way the Lt. had spoken, I thought he was gone by now. I found out while in Germany that my doctor would be leaving. Always a shame to lose a good doctor. Anyway, he is still here (although he told me he leaves Friday of next week) and I was able to get an appt this morning. He took a good look at my toe, and was a little surprised at where the pain and swelling is. I understood that, since I checked the Mayo Clinic web site this morning, and found that it is generally found in the lower joint of the big toe, the same joint that the bunions are located at. My problems are up at the very top section of the toe. Anyway, he said it sure sounded and looked like gout. The blood work was back, and the uric acid levels are the high end of normal. He said that could just reflect that it is getting better. He said they could jab a needle in my toe and collect a sample, as if it is gout, crystals will show up in the sample. However, he said we will just call it gout and not torture me! Basically, we will just keep an eye on it. This is the most drawn out bout I have had with it---it started last week sometime. It is not as painful this time either, but I think the ultram I have been taking is at least partly responsible for that. I am not complaining, in any case! The toe is still quite swollen and tender though, so shoes are not fun for too long! He ordered x-rays, just in case it is something else, that might show up on the film.

While I was in, I also asked about the pain I have been having in my left foot. I first thought it was pain in my ankle, then found it actually seemed to be in a bone in the arch area. My doc thinks that actually it is plantar fasciitis. However, the area at that bone is also tender and the plantar fasciitis doesn't explain that, so he ordered xrays of my left foot too, to make sure there wasn't a stress fracture or some such thing causing me extra problems. All the symptoms he mentioned for the plantar fasciitis do sound like just what I have been going through. The only difference is that most of my pain is in the arch area, rather than the heel. I am sure he is right though---we could even see that tendon in my foot, rather stretched and tense.

So, I still have two sore feet, but also some answers, and I think that always makes things easier to deal with!

No word on the baby front, I am sure Michelle is keeping Brian and Christine busy! I would imagine Brian is getting ready to go TDY, too---he is to go to Turkey later this month. It seems to me that the projected dates are not that far off. I am sure they are both feeling much more comfortable with Mitchie by now---they were doing great while I was there! Brian's TDY isn't long, just a couple/few days, so he will be back before she knows it! I will continue to pass on any news I hear!

It continues hot here, by the way, the rain has stopped and it has been pretty steamy! It looks like this batch of storms is going to pass us by, and we don't mind a bit! You all take care and update those blogs!

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Well, here it is, July, already. And it's the 2nd already too. It is amazing to think that I have already been home for a whole week, as of today. Well, I guess technically not till tonight, but still! A lot has happened in that time, but in some ways, not enough! I do feel a lot more rested though, so that is good. I am so thankful that I didn't have any major jet lag!

So, before I forget what it is like, I guess it is about time to tell you about the lower floor of Brian and Christine's house!

I told you before about the long hallway on the second floor. And that at the end was a room that used to be a bedroom, where the stairs are? It makes a nice storage room now. The stairs are a circular staircase. Not what they would have chosen, but it doesn't take up much space, which is probably why the owners chose it. So, you go down the stairs and end up in a small room. Christine thought it might have been a bedroom, which makes sense. It would have been a small one, but that would not be unusual. One funny thing is that there is a small sink in that room, on the one wall! Just a small one like you might use to wash your hands, etc. No counter or anything underneath. At this point, they use that room for storage too! When you come out of that room, there is a long hallway straight in front of you. To your left, is a small entry and the door to outside. If you go out, there are stairs that lead up to the ground level, and take you to the driveway. Back inside, if you look to the right (from the room with the stairs) you will see Baby Michelle's room! Her room is very nice, with her crib, a changing table, a dresser, storage thingie, and a glider rocker and foot rest for Christine. Oh, there is a wardrobe in there too. There is a nice big window, so she gets plenty of light! I am sure there are other things I might have forgotten about! If you come out of Mitch's room and continue down the hallway, the next door on the right leads you to Brian and Christine's room. It is right next to Mitch's, which works out well. It is a really big room. Christine said it was the living/dining room when the downstairs was a separate apartment. I forgot to say, Mitch's room was the other bedroom! Across from their room is the bathroom, which is pretty large. There is just a tub with handheld shower--no separate shower as there is upstairs. Of course, all the other usual things you find in a bathroom! This tub is large and is really high. Christine couldn't use it when she was pregnant, as it was too high to climb into. I think that is what she said! At the end of the hallway is the room that used to be the kitchen, and is now the laundry room. It is large too, with plenty of room for the washer and dryer (American size!). They also have some storage units in there, and a table for folding laundry, etc. In the back, the yard is nice sized and there is a little patio area and a walkway along the length of the back of the house. I am not sure if there was a half bath downstairs too, or just the one upstairs. In any case, they have plenty of room, and enough bathrooms for everyone!

So, that is the tour of their house! I hope Brian will be sure to take some photos, so you can see at least some of what I have told you about. It is a nice, roomy house, and it works out quite nicely for them.

Well, I had best go for now, and will save some of the other topics for another day! We continue with occassional rain and clouds, with enough sunshine thrown in to keep us from missing it. I think there is supposed to be a pretty good chance of rain/thunderstorms on Anne's birthday. It could be a repeat of last year, when we tried to go to the base to watch the fireworks, and the thunderstorms with pounding rain hit just as we got to the base. Have a good weekend, and a safe and happy 4th of July!