Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A New Car!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

After Fay

We had sun and blue skies this morning, and some clouds, of course. It was a wonderful change!

We now have a thunderstorm, with lightning and more rain--boo! Oh well.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Before Fay Four

Before Mike put together Fay Four, he made this one up. Thinking it was kind of goofy, he set it aside and put together Fay Four, as an informative video.

We decided to go ahead and put this one up too! Enjoy!

Fay Four

Fay--Day 3

Take it as a given that things look pretty much the same outside--wind, rain, flood water, .....

The rain has been a bit lighter, in general, and the flood water is slowly receding. Thank goodness!

The news last night reported that Viera had officially had 18.45 inches of rain. I don't think we have had that much here, but it is hard to say--the little rain gauge really isn't all that accurate.

The pool is holding its own now, after my prolonged draining session yesterday afternoon. I checked it last night and Mike took a look this morning, and it is in no danger of overflowing.

I am more than tired of clouds, rain, flooded street, etc. It will be unbelievably good to get back to normal, whenever that happens.

Mike is still home from work. There are areas that are much more flooded than we are, some places with standing water measured in feet, not inches. We are really glad that the base has been so sensible about the work situation.

Check back for more videos---I am sure Mike will think of something else soon!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay 2

Scroll on down and read the first post, if you haven't already!

Okay, welcome back! Mike is having great fun with the little video recorder, and making movies on the computer. I took the camera over to the Brady house with me and took some video of the pool. Mike came and took it back when the rain slackened a bit! He got more video of wild teens and their endeavors to have fun with the flooded street.

Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical storm Fay arrived yesterday as expected. She was supposed to move on into the Atlantic, maybe gathering strength and then make landfall again further north. Well, she has decided she likes it here. She is making like a turtle and crawling, and so we continue to get wind and rain. The wind hasn't been bad--a decent thunderstorm often gives us more wind.

Mike has been off work, yesterday and today. I wish today that more people were staying home. There have been cars, trucks, etc, going down our street today. The road is flooded, so I personally wouldn't want to drive through it. It doesn't pass the rule of not driving on a road you can't see.

We have a good bit of water out there, but not any worse than it was with Jeanne. We are more than ready for Fay to move out though. The news report just said she is only moving at 3 miles per hour now. Oh well.

We got a little video camera, called a Flip camera. It really works quite well and Mike has been having a lot of fun with it. He has put together a little video of Fay for you all. Here it is:

Friday, August 01, 2008

Sunday at Magic Kingdom

To continue.....

We got an early start on Sunday. We skipped breakfast at Shades of Green in favor of an earlier than expected bus to MK. It left at 8.10 a.m. We ended up having to wait for the park to open, but it wasn't too bad. There is a "welcome" show right before the park opens, but we couldn't see it from where we were standing.

We stopped at Guest Relations right off and Mike got a birthday button. The guy put Mike's name on it, dotting the "i" with a Mickey head. Disney cast members who spotted the button wished him a happy birthday, which was fun. We added to our Dumbo count right off, as we went there first--after getting coffee and splitting a cherry turnover! We found that early morning is definitely the best time to ride Dumbo, there was very little line. We actually rode it three times, and have now ridden in half the Dumbos.

It was a good day! We went on the Rocket Orbiter ride for the very first time. It is basically Dumbo, up high (you have to go up in an elevator), with rockets instead of elephants. The rockets are hard to get into though, so we might not plan to do that ride very often.

We had dinner at Tony's restaurant--patterned after said restaurant in the movie "Lady and the Tramp". We got a nice table inside, and our server was great! She was very helpful and told us all kinds of things we hadn't known. She brought streamers and Mickey confetti to sprinkle on the table, and a strip of Mickey stickers, for Mike's birthday. Our food was really good, and I can see eating there again sometime. We decided we were too full for dessert, but still got a surprise, when she came out with a little sprinkle covered cake with a candle. She announced that it was Mike's birthday, and on the count of three, everyone said "happy birthday" and did that Italian kiss thing--kissing the fingertips. It was fun and Mike didn't quite die from embarrassment! Most of the cake came home with us--it was really good. We did end up with rain and also lightning and thunder. We waited out a good bit of it, and since it was not constant, we were able to do a few more things. But ultimately, it was evident that it wasn't going to stop any time soon, there was still plenty of lightning in the distance, and my feet were really tired. We figured that the fireworks might be cancelled, the weather was that bad.

So, we finally called it quits at about 8 or so (?) and had an early night. We got back to our room, to find that I had a blister on the bottom of one of my toes (actually two toes had blisters, the one just didn't show as much). My foot was not happy in shoes on Monday morning, so that ended any thoughts at all of trying to do a little more Disney before heading home. Oh well. We had two great days and although we got rained on both days, it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

It was definitely a fun trip and it worked out well to stay over, so we could stay later and also get an early start at the parks.