Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm Back.....

And this time, blogger wouldn't let me sign in again. Not sure what the deal is. Does the sun have to be in the right position or something? Oh well.....

Not much going on here. Keeping busy and not getting much done, is the order of the day.

The frangi-pani, also known as plumeria, is blooming for a second time this year! There is a house on Old Glory with a small plumeria in the front. I had noticed that it was blooming, and figured it was just a case of it being a different kind, or maybe that it was planted at a different time or something. Then, one day, I remembered to check ours, and there it was, with blooms on it! What a huge surprise, as this is the first time since we have been here that it has bloomed twice in one year. It is so pretty, with the lovely yellow flowers. No wonder they use them so much for leis in Hawaii!

Well, that is about the extent of my news. We have had rain off and on, had almost an inch yesterday, so the sprinkler system can stay turned off a bit longer. We should be in the dry season by now, or will be shortly. Of course, that doesn't mean the rain will automatically stop! Not much sign of it slacking yet though.

Take care, more later.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wow, it Worked!

After months of not being able to sign in to update my blog, except by going through gmail, blogger finally let me sign in!

I have been very slack about updating, partly because of the above mentioned problem. It is, of course, easier to remember to update while actually looking at the blog, and since I couldn't just sign in while looking at it, more effort was required. More to the point, I often forgot once I got off onto other things.

We have had a number of birthdays which I neglected to mention here. Jon, my brother-in-law, had a birthday in August. So did my dad---Happy Birthday, Daddy! And, in September, missing Labor Day by one day, Mary had a birthday. I hope you all had great days and many more happy birthdays!

It is still hot here. Not hot hot, but warm enough! The rain is sporadic, a now and then thing, and the water level in the lakes is receding again. It isn't as bad as it has been at times past, but we are also getting closer to the dry season, so there isn't too much hope that it will change much any time soon.

I have started watching football and other sports instead of watching the food channel most of the weekend. I guess I just got tired of it, and it repeats so much!

I figured watching sports would be a better and more inspiring alternative. And Mike likes it too, so there you go. I am learning more about football, and it makes the games that much more interesting! Last night saw us watching one game on the TV (USC and Nebraska), listening to the Mount Union game on the laptop by way of the college radio station, and Mike was watching a scoreboard updater thing to keep track of the Aggie game. Mount Union played Otterbein, and pretty well ran away with it. Kehres had his third string players playing in the second half, had them kicking field goals instead of trying for touchdowns, and generally working to keep from running up the score. Otterbein finally scored a couple of touchdowns, and the final score was 58-14.

I have starting knitting on Christmas stockings again. Well, I should say, I knit several rows, one evening, then realized I was out of my written directions. I found ages ago that I don't like knitting by chart, so I have been writing it all out, and I find that much easier to keep track of. I have tons more written now and can get back to actually knitting, any time now.

We are fine, the kids are all fine, the weather is good. I will try to remember to post more often!