Friday, October 13, 2006

Foggy Morning

Oops, I see I have been slack again. I hate letting so much time go between posts. Oh well..... It is foggy this morning. It is cool, too, in the low 70's. I guess it will burn off soon though---they are saying 87 for the high today. The weather continues nice. We have had a couple of cold fronts go through, which have cooled us down to the low 80's for highs. At least it isn't that big a difference from our normal highs!

Let's see, last time I mentioned Anne's growth hormone arriving. The nurse came on that Thursday to "teach" it. She was nice, went over a ton of paperwork instruction that she had from the company, etc. They had also sent her some demo equipment, and she and Anne went through a dry run before Anne did the real thing. The needle is tiny, so at least it isn't quite as scary/icky as it could have been. Anne did a great job with it. She isn't wild about the whole thing, but she has been very good about it all, and remembers to do her injection every night. Now, we just hope to see some difference.

Anne is continuing her physical therapy. Lisa feels pretty certain that the loss of muscle mass brought on by the low growth hormone levels is a big factor in the sprain, etc. Anne is getting some relief for her ankle from the therapy, but has been having more trouble with that knee. Lisa thinks it was injured at the same time.

It is amazing to think that we go back to the Mayo just next week. The time has sure gone by quickly.

Anne saw an allergist yesterday, and he seems to be really good. I think he will be able to do something for her. He ordered blood allergy testing, and later they will do the skin tests for allergies.

I have been doing some reading. I had heard of Laurell Hamilton's books, and hadn't really thought to read any of them, then had a chance to pick up one in paperback cheaply. I'm hooked. They are really good, the kind of books that are almost impossible to put down.

I have lapsed a bit on the nordic track again. It is harder to get to it when Anne has morning appts. That mostly just means I am going to have to make more of an effort--haha!

Mike checked the butterfly garden yesterday and said there are about 10 blooms on the passion vine. I haven't been out lately to look, I really do need to do the rounds.

I'd best go, you all take care!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The weather decided to make a liar out of me. I had just sent out an email, saying there was no sign of rain for a while, when I heard raindrops start to fall. Big, fat raindrops. Pouring down the rain, raindrops. I really don't remember this being forecast, although I didn't really notice much about the weather report last night. I guess I will have to start paying attention again? I think it is all stopped now, and the sun is back out. Quick changes, eh?

Not too much going on. We will be returning to the pt rounds---3 days a week we will make the trek to pt. Most of the people who were there last time Anne was seen there have moved on---most it seems to some of their other locations. Anne's evaluation was done by Lisa, who seems to be very with it. I think it will all work out well. Lisa is very thorough, and that is a help.

I feel like I haven't gotten a thing done since we came back from Jacksonville, but that isn't quite true. Getting laundry done isn't really visible progress though, is it? I guess it could be worse. Now that we are back, I need to get back to the nordic track. I actually sort of missed it while we were gone--haha.

Our weather continues nice--warm and mostly sunny. We are still having highs in the high 80's and maybe some low 90's. That will change as the month progresses, with the average high being in the low 80's by the end of the month. It should be really nice. I really have to go take a good look around the house/yard, and check everything out. I still haven't gotten the grapefruit culled and I wonder if it is too late? The grapefruit will be pretty small this year if I don't do it. I sure wish I had remembered to do it while they were tiny.

I talked to Brian on IM the other day, they are all well and doing just fine. Except for the broken spring on the garage door, but it could be worse. Thank goodness it isn't.

Well, the growth hormone just arrived. Our local fed ex delivery gal is really good. Even though no signature was required, she waited till I came to the door, and handed me the boxes. Reminded me that the one needed to be refrigerated. I got it opened up and the meds are in the fridge now. They have a great packing system worked out. It was all still nice and cold inside the box, the little ice packs were still mostly frozen even. I imagine plenty of work was put into figuring out a method that would keep it all cold long enough, but not so cold as to freeze the medicine. It was all in a nice foil wrapped foam box. I will save the other box for Anne to open. It has all the starter kit, video, injector pen, etc. It is a huge shame that it isn't just a pill she can take. It works out well that it has arrived early, as we will have to go out later.

I still haven't been to the commissary since we got home, and I think today will be the day. I guess it is time to go try to get some things done, so I will "talk" to you again later!