Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Birds!

We stopped at the Wetlands after dinner tonight. Took Mom and Dad with us, so they could see the place. Wow!

We stopped in the area where the great blue herons were nesting, hoping to see baby herons. We didn't see any yet, although we did see adults on nests. We don't think the heron eggs have hatched yet. We did see two baby anhingas though! So cute! They looked pretty big already, not as big as the adults, of course, but they sure weren't tiny little baby birds by any means. They were hungry little devils, constantly pestering the adult bird for food.

We saw tons and tons of ibis. Tons of egrets, herons, ducks, coots, etc. We didn't spot any bald eagles--oh well. Mike took a lot of photos and is busy looking them over to see if he can find anything he is willing to let people see. He is pretty fussy.

Dad spotted an alligator in the water---the first we have seen there actually in the water. Our previous spottings have been of alligators over on an island in the wetlands, and we had started to think that they weren't likely to show up in the water. Now we know--haha. This one was barely visible, as we could only see the top part of its head and part of the snout. It was great that Dad managed to spot it.

The weather has been good and we are hoping that these blasted cold fronts are at an end, or at least slowing down. It has definitely been colder than usual this winter.