Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!

I know, I am early. It is just after 11 p.m. here, there is a football game on and Mike has been dozing on the sofa!

I haven't posted in a while, and I figured I had best get with it, since it is the last day of the year, and fading fast.

We had a high of 85 degrees here yesterday, breaking the old record high set in 1951. It didn't feel that warm. Mike and I went for a long walk (about 50 minutes long) and found the weather to be very pleasant!

The grapefruit look like they are probably close to being ripe, if they aren't already. This is a nice time of year, the bougainvillea is blooming and looks lovely. The hibiscus are blooming too. The frangi pani is still totally bare, it won't put out leaves and bloom for months yet.

We had a good Christmas--I sure won't complain! The big things got done--haha.

Well, that will do for now. Take care, all, and Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Despite the Best of Intentions

That is the way it goes, right? Good intentions end up going out the window when it comes to blogging sometimes.

Plus, I still can't post from AOL---although I have found that if I am on AOL and check gmail, I can get at blogger and post. That is what I am doing right now---it works, and beats having to switch to mozilla---I don't mind doing that, I just tend to forget that I want to post on this while I am there.

I have been busy knitting. The stockings are almost done. Then I will soon have another one to do, for Paul. At least I have it pretty well figured out--I think! heehee!

We had a nice day today---the cool weather hadn't hit yet, although we did have some rain this morning. I had thought it was to get cold last night, I had switched the thermostat over to heat before I went to bed. I am sure it never came on, the temps were fine today, and I had to put the A/C back on.

I was busy in the kitchen today too---I made more fudge, some of it without nuts, for Paul. I also made karamel korn---I think Brian and Anne both want some of that. I had bought a new microwave popcorn popper at the BX and I really like it. The popcorn popped up really big and nice. It sure is easier than trying to pop corn on the stove.

I still need to make Mike's cookies and the molasses cookies for Anne. I have thought about making some cookies for me---it is a small batch, mostly cocoa and egg whites and some walnuts--they freeze nicely too and I used to store them in the freezer when I made them before. I am not sure I really want/need sweets around right now. I am doing pretty well at leaving the trash, fudge and karamel korn alone--a taste now and then and that is about it.

I am still losing weight---I'm down 1.2 pounds from last week. I am still being careful what I eat, and I am exercising regularly and have upped the intensity a bit. It all helps, eh?

Well, not much else to write about. We are all fine. I am almost done with shopping, but am behind the curve on all other things Christmas. No cards done yet, no tree up yet (I had thought I would try to get it done this weekend, but was too busy---maybe tomorrow?). It will get done though (well, I hope the cards will get done---they are generally the thing that doesn't get done, if anything doesn't. Oh well)

Take care......!