Monday, December 15, 2008

Disney Christmas

We finally made another trip to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday, 6 Dec. It was the most crowded we have seen it, I think? We walked in to Main Street and found the street full of cheerleaders! I figure those girls got pretty hot, as the weather was nice and they had on long sleeves and gloves. Disney was filming part of the Disney Christmas parade. We watched a couple of takes and then moved on.

Disney was all nicely decorated and it was quite Christmas-y! We stayed till after dark, so also got to see Main Street with all the lights on.

It was really lovely. We were also lucky enough to see the glass blower finish an item--he was making a large martini glass. It was really interesting to see how it was all done.

We staked out a spot and sat to watch the parade, thinking it was going to be a special holiday parade. Imagine our surprise when it was the same one as usual. Oh well. We did have our best view of it yet, so that was nice.

Mike put together a little video with some of the highlights. You will see some video of bushes with pink flowers. The rose bushes were just covered with blooms and I asked Mike to be sure to film them for the Moms.