Monday, April 30, 2007

Too Long

So long, in fact, that although I am sure I had the right password, etc, I couldn't log onto my blog. Things have never really worked quite right since they updated to the new blogger, and I still can't sign in from AOL---I can't ever get the sign in screen there. Oh well. After a good bit of time spent trying to get things to work, I had to just go ahead and institute a new password. So, here I am!!! Did you miss me???

We had a great visit with my folks, which went way too fast. It seemed like that two weeks was gone before we knew it. We had a great visit though, and got a lot done. I am very happy to say that the huge clutter of "excess benefits" that had been cluttering up my sink area are gone! That would be the instant hot water and the reverse osmosis faucet. The instant hot water was nice for a while, but it isn't really hot enough for a good cup of tea, and if not used for a few days -- as in, away from home -- the water gets really funky. Yuck! We never really had any need for the reverse osmosis, and after Dad reading and sharing info from the booklet about it, I am just as glad---it wastes a huge amount of water, and the filters, etc, cost a small fortune. Good riddance. They are both out of the way, and a nice, new faucet and hand spray thingie are in place, and it looks great!!!!!

We made a trip to Tampa to see my uncle (Mom's brother) and his wife. I had never met Aunt Bev, and hadn't seen my uncle in more years than I like to think about. It was a great visit and I am glad we were able to go. Anne went along too, and I was really glad of that, too!

We all made a trip to the McLarty Treasure Museum, over on the island. It is really amazing and neat to think that people can find some really interesting things, including gold objects and silver, on the beach, from ship wrecks from the early 1700's. Not that they are found every day, mind you! Still, I think it is pretty neat. There were a number of Spanish ships that were caught by a hurricane in 1715. A recovery crew was sent out back then, and they felt that about 80% of the inventoried treasure was recovered. It has been suggested that there was a good bit of treasure that wasn't listed on the inventories, and perhaps that helps to explain why so much has been recovered since? The museum was small but interesting! I think it would be fun to go over some of those beaches with a metal detector! I don't imagine we would find anything, but there is always a chance, eh?

We were lucky to have lovely weather the whole time they were here, and still are, for that matter. Our temps have been pretty much in the mid 80's for the high, and low 70's/high 60's for the lows. Really does make it nice. We only had rain a couple of times while they were here, so that wasn't bad at all.

Mom and Dad left for home a week ago, and we are getting back into routines again. Anne is hard at work on her classes---working on her master's degree, online. She has turned in a paper already and I imagine she has more due soon. She spends a lot of time with her fiance, Paul, too. I am sure they are making the most of their time now, as once Anne finds a job, they will surely have less time together.

The neatest thing happened on Wednesday!!!! Anne and I were headed off to run some errands, and when we got near the end of Murrell, we both happened to look to the right side, and saw a BALD EAGLE just calmly standing in the grass next to the pond at the corner. There were a number of birds near him, and a mama duck and ducklings on the water, and all seemed fine with having a bald eagle in their midst. We figured he was not at all hungry, and that the others all knew it was safe??? The funny thing was, when we went by the same place on Thursday, there was not a bird to be seen by that pond, or on it. Just a coincidence, I am sure!

Well, I hope to be updating a lot more often these days, and also the knitting, etc blog, as I know I am really hugely behind on that. Take care all!