Monday, January 30, 2006

Nice and Warm

I could be describing wool and/or yarn, right? But no, it is the weather. We were supposed to have a good chance of rain today, but it hasn't happened. Instead it was a cloudy day, a little breezy, and warm---it is still 77 degrees at 5.05 p.m.---late enough that it has definitely started to cool off. I really do love it. I find that the idea of ever going anywhere (outside Florida) during anything but the summer months is abhorrent to me! I have been royally spoiled, and I don't mind a bit!

Anne had her appt at her family doc's today. It seems that there is some question as to what stage of mono she is at. The nurse-practitioner was surprised that she is still having so much sore throat, and the new spleen problems. So, she has ordered an ultrasound of the spleen and more bloodwork. They were going to do the bloodwork or at least draw it there, but it was not to be. The first poke wasn't great, and when it did finally yield results, the flow was so slow that it was coagulating in the tube? She tossed it and tried the hand--never a good spot for Anne. She missed on the first try and Anne started feeling very woozey. The long and short was the "blood nurse"--as opposed to the nurse-practitioner she saw first---walking her down the hall, headed for a room to put her on a table, then picking her up and carrying Anne when she passed out. I was behind and saw Anne drooping, but wasn't sure at first if she had gone out for the count or not, till in the room--although I had strong suspicions when the nurse picked her up!!! Good thing the nurse was strong and Anne is light! It would have been really hilarious and may yet be some day.

So, the nurse wrote out a lab slip and we will go to the usual place for this blood work. We will do that and the ultrasound tomorrow----both nurses recommended waiting till tomorrow for the blood work!

Not much else going on. I talked to Brian on IM again today, that is always good! Michelle went to the doc's today, and they think she might have a bit of flu or something. Poor baby, and poor parents---it is never fun when baby is sick. I am hoping it is just a bit of a bug and she will be better soon! Meanwhile, we have a new weight and height on our favorite baby! She is 17 lbs and 27 1/2" long! Our baby is growing! Brian says she moves around so much now, that she is rarely on the mat in front of the baby cam. I guess he will just have to hold her in front of it now and then! Christine emailed that Michelle has had green beans added to her diet and seems to enjoy them!

Take care till next time!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Already?

Where has the week gone?

For those who don't look at the Brain Blog very often any longer, we found out yesterday that Anne has mono. We sure have no idea where or when she picked it up. One of life's little mysteries.

This has once again been a week of doctor's appts, etc. I think I mentioned that she saw the PA at Greenspoon's on Monday for her wrist. He put her in a splint and ordered an MRI, which we still haven't heard any more about, and I will call about today. She has been good about wearing the splint, although it does interfere with her knitting. She did try to knit with it that evening, but we both agreed the next day that it was counter-productive to do that. She has bravely taken a break from knitting, which is a real sacrifice for her, as she generally spends most of her sitting time knitting. The brace does tend to make her arm itch, so I happily sacrificed an old wicking sock liner (from scouts and hiking) to the cause. A little hole in the toe here for the thumb, and a bigger one here on the toe for the fingers, and it worked like a dream. Hurrah!

Tuesday was a day to stay at home, let Anne sleep as much as she wanted, in case she was positive for mono, and I tried to get some things done around here--and did!

On Wednesday I took her for her post-surgery baseline MRI. That went well, and we see Dr. Paine today for the results. After her MRI, we stopped at Sears for paint for the chimney---the previous owner had left the empty can, with the sticker with the color formula, in the garage. I was able to get the same kind of paint, and same color. Hurrah! We came home and Anne took a long nap, poor kid.

Yesterday morning I made a trip to the base while Anne slept. A quick run through the commissary was needed! My hip is bothering me more again, and I was glad I was only doing a quick run through the commissary. Once things settle a little bit more with Anne, I really need to go in. I have had a recurrance of the tinnitis too, and none of the meds I am on should be causing it. I guess it is time to get it checked out.

I got that all done and home in time to get Anne up and off for her blood work (for Dr. Dhruv for next week), and then we went to see a movie. Anne had been wanting to see Brokeback Mountain. It isn't for everyone, but I will say the movie was tastefully done. It was a really good movie, although a real tear-jerker. Anne and I did notice something very interesting. The few times we have gone to a movie in the early afternoon, the theatre is usually almost empty. That was not the case this time. And, we were amazed by who was there. There must have been at least 20-30 little old ladies there to see the movie. They were not all together, either. There were a couple of elderly men too, but it was mostly the elderly ladies that surprised us. Go figure!

Well, I will end with a few words about Brian and family! I talked to Brian at least once on IM this week. It sounds like they are all well and getting along just fine. Michelle continues to grow and make progress as expected! She is eating cereal, baby apples, etc, and thriving! She did wake up from her nap in time for Brian to put her in front of the baby cam for a couple of minutes, so I got to see our cute baby. She is so adorable!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday, Monday

As an added comment, I am redoing this, as the computer did something freaky, and instead of publishing my post, it said it couldn't find the blog I was looking for, and I never did find my post again! That stinks!!!!!

It is 74 or 76 degrees outside today, depending on whether you believe Mike's weather thing on his blog, or AOL. I won't complain, either way! We had a little bit of rain earlier---the car got rained on a little bit on the way to Anne's appt today, but that was about the worst of it. We did see evidence of more rain having already fallen while we were out, but we missed it. Mike put the sprinkler system back on over the weekend, so it watered this morning. I imagine the yard and plants really enjoyed it!

Anne's appt was at Dr. Greenspoon's office. She has still been having trouble with her wrist, from the auto accident back in September. She had seen Dr. Venero (her family doctor) for it back in October, he had ordered xrays and after seeing the results, referred her to Greenspoon. No breaks or anything, just something funny, that he and the xray guy thought could stand further examination. Anyway, that was all just before Anne got her surgery date set and had her surgery, and life was put on hold. Now things are still on hold, but the wrist is still bothering her a lot, so the appt was made. She saw the PA that she also saw for her shoulder when she hurt it at work. He confirmed there were no breaks, put her in a brace, and ordered an MRI. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, shows up. She sees him again on the 6th. We very much hope that this brace deal doesn't end up interfering with her competing in the Knitting Olympics!

We made a flying run through Joann's after Anne's appt---I needed some of the tiny skinny knitting needles I will need to knit some socks. Anne got a foam pad for a kitty bed she is going to knit for Mickey. Mickey likes to sleep on a pillow on Anne's bed. Anne often likes to use it when Mickey isn't, but since Mickey likes to sleep on it, it tends to collect kitty hair---Yuck!!!! Hence the need for a kitty bed for Mickey to sleep on when she is on Anne's bed! If she will sleep on it! We don't anticipate any problems there, since the kitties both love fiber in any form--knitting, crocheting, quilts, and plain fabric.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Merrily We Plod Along....

Or at least that is what it feels like. The plodding anyway, maybe not the merrily part! Not much going on around here. Nephew Russell is trying to make Mike feel old--I refuse to! Russell had his 30th birthday on Friday. Naturally, Mike remembers life before Russell, and Russ was very small still when Mike and I got married. It is inconceivable that he can be that old. I, for one, am not that much older! I figure it is a time warp, eh????

Our weather has been nice again. We are back in the 70's. It was really cloudy this morning, but it seems to be mostly clear and sunny this afternoon, which is nice. Anne and I haven't been doing much away from home, she has been so tired and lacking in energy, she hasn't wanted to do much. This is unusual for her, as most of you will realize. She isn't usually a ball of energy, but she does like to get out of the house more, in general. I do hope the bloodwork done last week will show something, especially something they can deal with quickly.

Anne has an appt on Monday to check on her wrist, which is still bothering her from the auto accident in September. Then on Wednesday she goes for her new baseline MRI of her head, which will be her "post-surgery" baseline for future reference. She then sees Dr. Paine on Friday. I imagine that will be her last appt with him for a good while. I am not sure if he will follow up with her on regular basis (once a year?) or if she just goes back if there are new problems. I am sure we will find out on Friday.

I have taken a break from house work, boxes, etc, and have been taking care of other things. I am keeping up with the nordic track too, and am really glad of that. I have been slowly extending my time on it, and that is a good thing too! I do feel much more fit than I did before! It is amazing what losing some weight and exercising will do for you. I highly recommend it!

There are only about 95 days or so till Brian, Christine, and Michelle, return to the States! It will be so nice to have them back in country! I don't think I managed to catch Michelle on the baby cam once this week. But then, I haven't had as much time to be on the computer at the right times. I imagine we will see less and less of her anyway on the cam, as she becomes more mobile!!!! Oops, had to take a kitty petting break, Meggie was here patting my arm. She is so pretty! Well, I am off, take care and have a good week!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pluto or Bust!

Well, I have lost track of things. I didn't realize that the launch was scrubbed on Tuesday till that evening. I didn't realize that it didn't go off yesterday, till today. I really hit it lucky, actually! I had gone to the base, and was in the BX, in line to pay, and noticed everyone looking at the TV screens that are conveniently placed along the front wall of the BX. They were finishing the countdown and the probe was launched! By the time I really realized what was going on, it was really too late to run outside to see it--especially since I hadn't paid yet. It was just as well, I had a better view on the TV screen, and could see it much longer. The coolest part was that the vapor trail was still visible when I did get outside!! (I do still wish I had been able to be outside to see it, as even if the view is not so close up, you know it is taking off from just a few miles up the road, and that is really cool!) All so neat! I do still retain a love of astronomy, and would have loved a career in that field had my command of math and physics been much better, and my dislike of cold night-time temperatures not be so extreme. I realize that these days, very little observing is actually done at night in person, but it was more of a given back then?

Today is nephew Liam's birthday. It is amazing how time flies by. We all say it and talk about it, and I read something interesting about that the other day. I can't remember now exactly what it was, but something about why we are so focused on the passing of time. Anyway, I had a chance to talk to Liam's mom, my sister Kathleen today. It was good to talk to her, it has been a while! I also got to talk to my mom, for the first time in ages. I really should use the telephone more often. I still blame it on a deep and abiding dislike of phones---although I do a lot better than I used to!

We were up and off to a doc appt today for Anne. The poor little gal can't catch a break to save her life. The good news is that she doesn't have strep. The so-so news is that there are some possibilities, and blood has been taken once again (a wonder the poor kid isn't drained dry!). We should know something next week. If none of this pans out, the nurse practitioner we saw suggests going back to Dr. O'Hare, the ENT, about the throat, which continues sore and icky, but not streppy, it seems.

The weather was nicer today, with some clouds, but no rain, and no real thought of any. The temps were much nicer, but still a little cool, I wore the light sweater this morning, and Anne wore a sweatshirt. She still has a low grade fever, so has the chills sometimes. The sand hill cranes have been cruising the neighborhood again. I was cleaning in the bathroom the other day and heard their distinctive gobbling noise, and looked up in time to see two of them flying low over our front yard! Really a neat sight.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Three in a Row

Okay, can I call this a triple play? I have blogged on all three blogs today. Surely I get a prize?

Things are mostly fine here! The weather was lovely, the past couple days. The cold front petered out and it was sunny and warmer, which was really nice. Last night another cold front came through, and brought a little bit of rain. I don't think we got much, although I did wake up and hear some of it falling! It was cool today, but not bad. Very cloudy in the morning, but only partly cloudy with plenty of blue sky later on. This is to be a very brief cooler period, it is to get back into the 70's tomorrow.

And I just realized that once again, I forgot about the launch. Geez! I forgot yesterday, then heard it was scrubbed till today. I think we were still at Dr. Dhruv's office when it was scheduled to go today. If it went? I think it is neat, that it will go all the way out to Pluto, and I will be waiting to hear what they find!

Meanwhile, it has been a good week, with an email from a good Australian friend who recently returned to Queensland. And yesterday I had a letter from an Australian friend, the mum of a good Australian friend I knew in OH. It is always nice to hear from friends, and I am thankful for mail service and email that bring me news of friends so far away!

I did some work in the garage over the weekend. I managed some re-arranging, unpacked some boxes in there, did some sweeping, etc. It looks better! I really need to put an ad in the base paper and see if someone can use the packing boxes and paper. I hate to have it go to waste, and part of me really hates to give it back to the moving company, so they can reuse them. But, it would be even worse to throw it in the trash, and there is way too much for me to be able to get it to a recycling place. That is one thing I have noticed here, they talk so much about recycling, and yet they don't accept nearly as many things (ie cardboard, etc) as they did in OH. I do try not to make state comparisons, but this is something that I really think they should think harder about! They do have places you can take it, but really!

I seem to have avoided the worst of the allergies/bug that I feared I was getting. Either I successfully fought something off, or it really was allergies, and I am overcoming the ill effects of too much exposure. I still sneeze and cough more than usual, but so far not enough to need to seek any treatment. Thank goodness! Well, the nordic track is calling me, and I must go heed its call at some point!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is It This, or Is It That?

I seem to be fighting off something. I can't tell if it is allergy related, or caused by germs. In any case, I want it to go away! I already know that allergy related stuff can lead to bronchitis, and I don't want any part of it!

I do think there is a good chance that it is allergies. You might have read in the blog about the migraine the other day, furthered along by the really neat ribbon yarn I was trying to knit for Anne. Then there was exposure to the smell of 'lectric shave, that I had gotten for Mike. I don't know why manufacturers find it so important to scent the hell out of stuff! It has had the lid cranked down as far as I can get it, put in a zip lock bag, and has been moved to another bathroom--to the far depths of the "under the sink" cabinet. I do wonder how much worse the allergies to scents and smells can get and I really do think it has gone far enough!

Anne and I made a trip to Joann's the other day, mostly to look around, as we hadn't been in a while. We found some neat things on sale, that will make lovely gifts later on. But also while there, we looked at their silk flowers and potted silk orchids, etc. It all further emphasised the wonderful quality of the roses, baby's breath, and greens, in my arrangement that the kids got me for my birthday. It really has been wonderful having pretty flowers to look at all the time. I have been keeping it on the bar section of the kitchen counter, so I can see it all the time. Meaning, I can see it from the family room, and any time I am in the kitchen!

I haven't been knitting--mostly afraid of chemical/finishing smells from yarn. I figure that whatever it is I am dealing with, it doesn't need any help! I have been trying to continue focusing on sorting and clearing, and trying to get the house better organized! A more than worthwhile occupation, I think! I finally got the little silver fiber optic tree taken down. Anne was a little sad at that, it is really cute, and as she says, Mickey won't have it to chew on any more! I don't know what it is about even fake Christmas tree needles, and even the silver fringy ones, that the cats love so much. Both of them like doing it--go figure?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Monster Migraine

It was one of those days. Doomed to deal with this nonsense from the get go. I woke up before the alarm, with a headache, and it was just annoying enough that I went ahead and got up. It wasn't a migraine yet, that was to come later.

I got some more sorting done, which is always nice, and gives me a feeling of making some progress! It is always nice to be able to put things in the trash too---same idea, progress, and it means things are leaving the house! By then the headache was a definite migraine and I took my meds. I made it worse again at pt, working on a knitting project for Anne, and then later when we took a run through Kohl's. I swear it seemed like they had just unloaded tons of new clothes, all bathed in finishing chemicals, which reached out tentacles of chemical smell and fumes to torture me. Mike and Anne kindly fended for themselves for dinner, and I finally got rid of the headache. I don't get really bad ones very often, and you don't know how thankful I am!

Today is good, no headache! It is sunny and nice. It is supposed to get up to 80, and it feels like it will do that. We have another cold front coming through, so it will be cooler again for the weekend. At least they don't last long! Anyway, the weather was nice for a quick trip to the base. I had things to mail, 2 cent stamps to buy, and also got some of the new 39 cent stamps! They are quite pretty, I think they have blue birds? A quick run through the BX and commissary, and was home by 11.30, which was really nice. Anne and I can do fun stuff this afternoon, maybe?

Monday, January 09, 2006

It's Christine's Birthday!

Today is the big day for Christine. I wish I could bake a cake for you, Christine, but I think it would be rather icky by the time it got there! I hope you have a good day!!

We had a really quiet weekend, nice and relaxing. I did make it onto the nordic track on Saturday and Mike was on it on Sunday. So, we weren't totally inactive! I have been keeping track of my exercise on my laptop, and I think it will help keep me on track, so to speak. I have been using the laptop a good bit lately, for keeping track of all kinds of things. It really is handy, since it doesn't matter if someone else is on the big computer, I can transfer info as needed with my flash drive, etc. Its handy to be able to sit in my recliner and use it too!

Our cold spell is over, and it has been warming up. Not totally, as the heat is on right now. But, it got into the 60's yesterday, and is to make it into the 70's the rest of the week. Hurrah! It is nice and sunny today, so really pretty out.

Mike picked more grapefruit yesterday. I ordered some grapefruit spoons from Betty Crocker last month, so they are much easier for him to eat now!

I have been reading more (I don't feel too bad about it now, since I have made so much progress on boxes!) and have gotten through some of my gift books. I still have a good number of them to read--hurrah! I do so love reading. Last night I finished one by a new author--it was one I got from the Barnes and Noble online sale--I got hardcover books for $3.59 ($3.99 minus member discount!). Well, she isn't a new author, but new to me. It was The Etruscan Chimera, by Lyn Hamilton. It was pretty good.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Exercise Time!

Well, I am trying to get the year off to a good start, and in that quest, I have started using the nordic track again. Mike actually used it first even. He decided that he would give it another try, even though it is not something he generally likes. Part of the problem is that the toes of his shoes don't fit well in the "toe holders" on the skis. However, he has kept at it and is doing okay with it! He would still like to get a treadmill at some point, but will make do for now.

I have been on twice now, and am already noticing improvement. I managed to gain only 2.5 pounds this holiday season, and have lost 1.5 of it now! I am sure the nordic track has helped at least a little, with the loss. A good trend, in any case. Steve gave Anne an exercise at pt yesterday, for posture. He caught her slouching, and even though it isn't what she is there for, he encourages her to nip that in the bud, while she is young and can. Anyway, I gave it a try and it is tough, so I will sure keep doing it. I don't want a rounded back either and I don't always use good posture. I was afraid I was going to be sore today after doing it, it felt that tough. But, the muscles are all fine, which is nice.

We have had quite a cold front down here and there have been concerns of freezes, etc. I know all you up north will laugh about it, but it is a serious thing here, both because people aren't used to it (except the snow birds and recent transplants) and because of all the farming/growing. It is just 50 degrees out right now. I think they said it is only to get to 55 today, and I can believe it. It only got into the 50's yesterday too, but really didn't feel bad--partly because I haven't lost my cold tolerance from living in OH for so long, and partly because it was nice and sunny! That sun always helps, doesn't it?

Well, I almost forgot about my big news. I got a summons in the mail yesterday for jury duty. I was wondering when that was going to happen. After looking at the list of things that get you excused, it doesn't look like I will be able to get out of it. Not that I mind doing it---just that it will take some finageling with Anne and work. She will be back to work by then, as it isn't till the end of February. At least they give you lots of advance notice. The location is nearby, so that will be nice. Mike had mentioned a couple weeks ago, that the wife of someone at work got called for jury duty, but it was something that required going to Orlando. I am glad I won't have to do that!

Monday, January 02, 2006

A Good Start!

Well, the year is off to a good start. I got the Christmas tree taken down yesterday, and it is back in the garage, where it lives most of the year! The boxes of ornaments, etc, are all stored back in the closet, and are out of the way. There is only one Christmas-y thing left to take care of, the little silver tree on the desk. I just haven't gotten to it yet. The nordic track is set up, for the first time since we moved in. No, it hasn't been used yet, but it won't be long! I am glad to have it up and useable again!

We had a quiet day, except for the disassembly of the tree, putting away of Christmas things, etc. But that was just me! I finished the turkey soup from the Christmas turkey, it came out pretty good. Not much room for going wrong with it though!

Mike and his folks have both blogged! I figure that is a really good start to the new year! It is always good to see new info on their blogs!

I don't think I ever mentioned, so will correct that lapse. I did mention the party on Saturday, but I don't think I ever said anything else? We had a good time, as Mike mentioned. It was nice having faces to put with names that Mike mentions at times! Everyone was really nice, and we all had a good time, plenty of good food, etc. The hosts, Stephanie and her husband Chris, live over on the island, at Satellite Beach, and have done a lot of work on their house. It is all really nice. Stephanie seemed to enjoy her crocheting lesson, provided by request, by Anne!

Well, I had best bring this to a close, Anne has pt this afternoon and I have things to do before going. Keep up the good blogging!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year Again!

Well, for the first time in a while, we were all up to see the new year come in. Mike watched the festivities with me on tv! It is interesting to see all the crazy people in Times Square, many of whom have been there since noon to get a good spot. Not me, thank you! I am sure they enjoy it though, and that is the big thing?

Mike is off work tomorrow too, so he has an extra long break, with the planned days off and the 4 days of leave that he took. He got plenty of bang for his buck, so to speak, with the big days falling on Sundays!

It is too early for there to be any news. We have another warm day, it is 73 already, which is really nice. Sunny too, which is even better. I so rarely have achy joints any more! A very nice side effect of living here.

Well, it is time to go and get some things done. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, with plenty of good things in store for you, plenty of fun and laughter, good luck, happiness, and prosperity!