Friday, January 12, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Christine!

I tried to blog on her birthday, but blogger had different ideas and I couldn't get onto it at all. Isn't that the way?

But, I was able to email, thank goodness!

Here is a pic of Christine while she and the family were here! She got in some good knitting time while she was here....

We hope you had a great day!!!!!

Meanwhile, here is another pic that shows a scene that was often seen here! Just substitute in each of us, at one time or another. A lot of computing went on at the dining room table, but that photo is really blurry. Oh well.....

The computers all got a lot of use. I am so glad that Mike and Brian went and got and installed the wireless network right away. It made life so much easier to have 3 computers that could all get online at the same time!

Another common sight was Michelle and Mike sitting together, sharing a bowl of trash!

Well, I need to go, will try to get back to blogging more often!

Once again, belated Happy Birthday, Christine!